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updated Fri. February 10, 2023

North Korea has threatened America with “merciless” attacks due to the continued drills between our military and South Korea. From Reuters: North Korea said the arrival of the U.S. strike group in the seas off the east of the Korean peninsula was part of a “reckless scheme” to attack it. “If they infringe on the ...

Obama's State Department fanned protests that led to the violent overthrow of Ukraine's semi-autocratic but elected pro-Russian government, prompting Russia to annex (or according to some reunify with) ... G. Pivot to Asia and Stationing Military bases in Cheju-do Island, site of Korean War Massacre.
ALL ROK soldiers know that DPRK can use their thousands of artillery pieces, rockets, missiles and hit any part of ROK, including JEJU-do, without having to cross the DMZ. In other words, if .... Just tell me, when was the last time you saw or read about mass protests in Seoul over USFK? Although I cannot ...
Besides attempting to integrate Korea into its empire, Japan used Jeju Island as an airbase for its bombing of Nanking China in 1937 and was going to us it as a major ... In 1931, there were large spread protests and student strikes when school authorities refused to grant diplomas to socialist students.


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