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updated Thu. December 15, 2022

According to Interior Ministry data, apart from Syrians, workers from Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, China, Turkmenistan and India have received a work ... In addition, Uzbek workers prefer to work in elderly, baby and disabled care and work for a monthly wage varying between TL 1,000 and TL 2,000.
Mirziyoyev's decree transferred responsibility for a range of issues, including the security of state institutions, from SNB to the Interior Ministry (MVD) as of April 1. Other tasks, including building and maintaining security installations, will be transferred to the ministry of defence. The SNB was also renamed ...

According to the Interior Ministry press center, around 150 representatives of government authorities, civil society and international organizations (the Council of Europe, OSCE, SCO and CSTO), as well as experts from Belarus, Egypt, Iran, Kazakhstan, China, Serbia and Uzbekistan, took part in the research and practice ...
The detention center in Tashkent, the Uzbek capital, is where Bobomurod Abdullaev, a freelance journalist, was taken and, according to his wife and .... to neutralize potential opposition, but there is clearly a purge going on of the S.N.B. and key figures in the prosecutor's office and the Interior Ministry.”.
The members of the government of Uzbekistan met with the delegation of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) headed by the ... visit to Uzbekistan also includes meetings in the Security Council under the president of Uzbekistan, the members of the government, the Interior Ministry, and the ...
TASHKENT -- Uzbek journalist Bobomurod Abdullaev has denied plotting to overthrow the government in a high-profile trial that is being seen as a test of President Shavkat Mirziyoev, ... Mirziyoev has carried out reforms in the government, particularly in the powerful security services and Interior Ministry.

Bahodir Akromov, now the acting head of the Interior Ministry's Chief Directorate for the Enforcement of Punishments, told relatives on 29 January that his Chief Directorate had forwarded Kulijanov's application for a pardon to the State Commission which considers such pardons. Yet he remains in prison in ...
“Some cowardly people have cut off the electricity for Kabul, Ghazni, Maidan Wardak and parts of Nangarhar provinces. Our colleagues have arrived at the area with the security forces and work is in progress,” Tawhidi said. In the meantime, the interior ministry said they arrested a man in Cheshma-e-Sher ...
Mirziyoev, a longtime former prime minister, has been shaking up government structures -- in particular the powerful security service and Interior Ministry -- since he succeeded long-ruling President Islamov Karimov after his death in 2016. Mirziyoev has publicly criticized the security service, comparing its ...
TASHKENT -- A judge says that a medical examination has not confirmed torture claims by an Uzbek journalist who is on trial. ... power after Karimov's death was announced in September 2016, has been shaking up the government structures, in particular the powerful security services and Interior Ministry.

An Uzbek court has agreed to look into allegations of torture by journalist Bobomurod Abdullaev, as his trial got under way in Tashkent on March 7. ... Karimov's death was announced in September 2016, has been shaking up the government structures, in particular the powerful MXX and Interior Ministry.
Authorities in Uzbekistan last month arrested long-serving former General Prosecutor Rashid Kadyrov on corruption charges and have now broadened the investigation to include immediate members of his family. The Interior Ministry this week posted a wanted notice for Kadyrov's 38-year-old son, Alisher, ...
Mirziyoev, a longtime prime minister who came to power after Karimov's death was announced in September 2016, has been shaking up the government structures, in particular the powerful MXX and Interior Ministry. In October, Human Rights Watch said that Uzbek authorities had taken "some positive ...
On the eve of a trial in Uzbekistan against a prominent journalist charged with sedition, his lawyer has alleged that his client was brutally tortured into giving ... said that Abdullayev remains in danger of “physical annihilation” and that he should immediately be transferred to an Interior Ministry holding cell.
Former Uzbek Interior Minister Zakir Almatov (second from left) is shown with other Uzbek security officials in Tashkent in 2005. Share. Share on Facebook · Share on ... In a surprise move, Zakir Almatov has returned to Uzbekistan's Interior Ministry after more than 12 years. Perhaps more than any other ...
An Uzbek delegation is in Belarus on a visit from 22 to 27 March. It comprises representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Health, and the State Customs Committee. The specialists are expected to visit the Belarusian Interior Ministry, the State Forensic Examination Committee, the State ...


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