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updated Tue. June 28, 2022

The Venezuelan government has not released health statistics since early last year, part of a sustained effort to keep the extent of the country's ... a major public hospital in the northwestern state of Trujillo, stopped doing a basic test in which sputum samples are stained and viewed under a microscope, said ...

Then, in 1983, Spanish sculptor Manuel de la Fuente erected a 153-foot statue of the Virgin Mary, the “Virgen de la Paz” (Virgin of Peace), in the state of Trujillo, in western Venezuela. The imposing statue, made entirely of concrete and weighting around 2,400,000 pounds, is a few inches taller than the ...
VENEZUELA BIGOIL01-C-22SEPT00-MNJP Farmer drives a tractor in a field boardering one of PDVSA's, the Venezuelan state owned oil company, drilling sights in Motatan the State of Trujillo 310 miles south west ... more. Photo: JULIE ANN PLASENCIA, SFC. Image 2 of 2. FILE - In this Jan. 27, 2016 file ...
Caracas (AFP) - A lawmaker with Venezuela's ruling Constituent Assembly was shot dead Wednesday by unidentified attackers, officials and local media said. ... Lucena -- member of the assembly for the western state of Trujillo -- was seriously injured and taken to hospital, where he died soon after.
Death toll in Venezuela protest violence rises to 56 ... The death toll from nearly eight weeks of Venezuelan street protests rose to 56 on Wednesday after three opponents of President Nicolas Maduro ... Two other protester deaths were reported Tuesday in the city of Valera in the western state of Trujillo.
escambray today, venezuela, venezuelan opposition, nicolas maduro, constituen assembly, delcy rodriguez For the past 50 days ... Jose Luis Molina, the public prosecutor of the western Trujillo state has been tasked with conducting the investigation into Teran Aguilar's death. He plans to coordinate with ...
Dulce Maria Garcia Leon, in the western state of Trujillo, says she has corn masa and "a little bit of cottage cheese" and eggs, though her fridge often holds ... Usually it's a meal of arepas, the Venezuelan pan-fried staple made from corn flour, "because the salary is not enough to buy food for a fortnight.".
They say the unidentified attackers ordered the victims out of their homes before shooting them dead in the western Trujillo state on Saturday. The gunmen then fled ... Last year, the Venezuelan Observatory of Violence group released its report for 2014, recording 24,980 violent deaths. That equated to 82 ...


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