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updated Sun. April 7, 2024

QUITO, Feb 27 (Reuters) - Ecuador will increase the number of oil and gas areas it plans to offer in an auction next month by including mature crude fields ... Perez recently started talks with OPEC to be allowed to increase Ecuador's production this year despite the organization's joint output cut agreement ...

Ecuador is one of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries' (OPEC) newest members, producing a small fraction of the bloc's total output. Perez has been lobbying to allow Ecuador to increase output despite existing quotas that aim to rebalance global supply markets. The country has pledged to ...
With more than 2,000 verbal, judicial and physical assaults against the press recorded in the last ten years, according to the document, the creation and application of the LOC "was the turning point for Ecuador to be considered one of the countries with the worst situations of fundamental freedoms in the ...
Nuts, ferns and roots: Ecuador's indigenous communities are bringing a taste of their rainforest gardens to the country's gourmet restaurants. ... organization Canopy Bridge is helping these Amazon communities promote their produce: Fine diners at 15 restaurants in Ecuador's capital Quito can now try out ...


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