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updated Tue. November 7, 2023

RIO DE JANEIRO—A bill that could end a special customs regime issued by Brazil's energy ministry relating to the import of equipment used in oil exploration, drilling and production is set for a congressional vote next week in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Repetro, officially called the Special Regime of ...

In partnership with the World Bank, the initiative has helped small producers to increase their businesses' sustainability and efficiency in over 78 municipalities in the state of Rio de Janeiro. A proportion of these farmers also produce organically, an agricultural sector that has been becoming more and more ...
The killings come nearly a month after President Michel Temer signed a decree giving the military vast powers to restore order in Rio de Janeiro State. It was the first time a Brazilian leader has used a constitutional provision that gives the military primary responsibility for security in a state since the return of ...
The Military Police of the State of Rio de Janeiro held a graduation ceremony of 151 Rio de Janeiro state's security expenditures has seen huge increases in personnel expenses, while registering reductions in investment expenditures to near zero, photo by Fernando Vicente/IMPRENSA RJ. The majority of ...
46.245 (“Decree”), published in the Official Gazette of the State of Rio de Janeiro on February 20, 2018, regulates the implementation of arbitration to resolve ... Moreover, it establishes that Rio de Janeiro State Attorney's Office (PGE-RJ) is the responsible entity to register the institutional arbitration bodies, ...
A Brazilian police vehicle takes two people wounded by gunfire to Nova Iguacu General Hospital in Rio de Janeiro state. The hospital, one of the main trauma centers, in 2017 treated 687 people who had been shot, up from 475 the previous year. (Flavio Forner / For The Times) ...
Oil companies interested in Brazil's resurgent oil sector are watching moves by the state legislative body of Rio de Janeiro (Alerj) intended to water down the “Repetro” system of tax relief for oil sector investments, writes Gareth Chetwynd. The federal legislature recently extended application of the Repetro ...


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