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updated Mon. May 13, 2024

Argentina's Ministry of Finance has received a $50m line of credit from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the ministry announced in a statement. Argentina will use the facility to execute the MIPyMES project, which aims to pr ...

In his brief remarks, the Ambassador indicated, “I am grateful to the Government because they have been helpful in this effort, we have nine countries form the English-speaking Caribbean represented here, with a delegation from Argentina. Argentina is far away in terms of geography but we are a really ...
WASILLA — Chris Haag and his wife Sophie are gearing up for a 2 year bicycle trip from Alaska to Argentina. This epic journey will take them the Americas, spanning about 20,000 miles and crossing 15 countries. “There's no longer trip. As far as a bicycle trip goes, it's almost like Mount Everest,” Haag said.
It'd been over nine years since Radiohead had played Argentina before their appearance at Soundhearts Festival on Saturday, so fans were understandably excited to see their favorite group live. Things got a little out of hand midway through the set, however, when a broken safety rail forced the band to ...
ROMERO has been Argentina's starting goalkeeper for the past five tournaments, including the South Africa 2010 World Cup and the 2011 Copa America. Armani, who was courted by Colombia, where he spent seven years playing for Atletico Nacional, is the most in-form shot stopper, whose exploits for ...
Argentina and Brazil may fill China's soybean needs if China imposes a 25% tariff on U.S. soybean exports. Chad Hart, an agriculture economist at Iowa State University, says the impact depends on what happens during negotiations. “It is so hard to say, 'This is what is going to happen.' There are so many ...
The U.S. Department of Agriculture said in its latest report Argentina's herd would shrink this year due to the weather and a larger than normal slaughter. Pastures have been depleted in one of Argentina's main cattle producing areas in Chacabuco, in the north of Buenos Aires province, according to ...
Buenos Aires, Argentina, is one of South America's largest capitals. Just like many other big cities, many people here live in slums. Now, the government is trying to integrate the slums into the rest of the city, trying to provide everyone with access to basic services. Al Jazeera's Teresa Bo reports from ...
Bolt: There is always some favorites. For me the top four is Argentina, Germany, Brazil if Neymar comes back… France also look good on paper. We'll see what happens. Euronews: Let's talk about you, What are your next goals? Bolt: My next aim is to get into football. I'm doing a trial tomorrow with BVB.
Since Mauricio Macri, a former businessman of the centre-right, was elected as Argentina's president in 2015 La Juanita has become part of a political experiment. La Matanza is in the heart of the conurbano, a sprawl of poor and crime-ridden suburbs around Argentina's capital which contains some 10m ...

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