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updated Mon. May 6, 2024

In recent months, about 80 Mexican politicians have been shot, knifed, beaten or burned to death; some have even been dismembered. Last year was the country's deadliest overall in decades, and in most cases the killers remain at large — some statistics put the unsolved rate at 97 percent of Mexico's ...

21 in the city of Chilapa, in Mexico's violence-plagued Guerrero state, is among more than two dozen assassinations of candidates running for office in July. ... The killings — mostly of local candidates in provincial areas far from the Mexican capital — form a chilling backdrop to the July 1 elections, which ...
That was the year when then-President Felipe Calderon, with U.S. backing, launched a new chapter in Mexico's war on drugs, including the so-called kingpin strategy that targeted cartel leaders, resulting in battles for fragmented trafficking empires. The last decade has seen heightened intra-cartel clashes, ...
These have been described as "the biggest election in Mexican history" according to the National Electoral Institute (INE) due to the number of public issues being debated. On the same day. 30 out of 32 states will also hold local elections. This election will redefine the role of the government in areas such ...


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