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updated Sat. October 1, 2022

Momotombo, on the northern edge of Lake Managua, about 40 kilometers northwest of Nicaragua's capital, erupted for the first time in 110 years on Dec. 1, 2015, sending geologists and local townspeople into a tizzy. In fact, there's been so much volcanic and seismic activity in Nicaragua lately that experts ...

For the first time since 1905, the Momotombo volcano in Nicaragua erupted in December 2015. The eruption began on Dec. 1. A team of USF researchers made it to the volcano on Dec. 6, and on Dec. 7, it exploded in front of them. These researchers are currently monitoring the recently active volcano ...
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- When Nicaragua's Momotombo volcano, which had been dormant since 1905, erupted on Nov. 30, 2015, Peter LaFemina saw a chance to investigate the volcano in more detail to better understand how and when volcanos erupt. He and two other Penn State researchers ...
Mount Etna wasn't the only volcano putting on a display this week. Guatamala's Fuego volcano produced several large lava flows. In Nicaragua, Momotombo erupted for the first time since 1905. Like Etna, Momotombo produced a Strombolian eruption, meaning short-lived, explosive outbursts of lava and ...
A volcano in Nicaragua has erupted for the first time in 110 years, spouting ash and lava. The Momotombo volcano, near Lake Managua in the country's west, began erupting this week, National Geographic reported. The eruption began on Monday, when ash and lava started to spew from the mountain.
A quiet giant sleeps no more. This week, the Momotomo volcano in Nicaragua is erupting for the first time since 1905, spitting lava and a huge plume of ash and smoke over nearby Lake Managua. Schools have been closed in the area as a safety measure. According to local reports, people began feeling ...
On very clear days, the Concepcion volcano on Ometepe, over 60 miles away, can be seen from here in one direction, and the Momotombo volcano in Leon, 35 miles distant, in another. The lands selected, used throughout the last century to cultivate cotton and rice and as pasture for cattle, proved useful ...


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