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updated Fri. June 28, 2024

We are back in the states and the Nicaraguans continue with their daily duties. It's the way of all flesh. You hope your life helps people look to God, to nudge them a little closer to Him. Let's leave things a little better for being here. La vida es beuna con Dios! Tom Rupp is a resident of Folsom and a weekly ...

About 5,000 Nicaraguans, who will lose TPS in January 2019, needed to apply for an extension by Feb. 13. Schey said there is a plan to file a lawsuit ... First he came after our 'Dreamers,' then the Haitians, Nicaraguans, Salvadorans and now all of California. From Sacramento to the steps of L.A. City Hall, ...
Caballero said ODETRANS' other objectives include teaching trans Nicaraguans how advocate for their rights, referring to a recent meeting in the northern part of the country that focused on empowering “girls about their human rights, self-care and self-esteem.” She told the Blade that ODETRANS also ...
Whereas the Spanish had fashioned a bustling slave market that led to the evisceration of an entire population of native Nicaraguans, the British leveraged the Mosquito Coast's resource-rich environment to augment its economic interests. Unlike in the east, the Natives were treated more like partners than ...
But the Trump administration announced last week that TPS for Nicaraguans would end in January 2019. The announcement spread fears to all of the more than 200,000 other immigrants from Honduras, El Salvador and Haiti now protected under the designation. The United States long ago became home ...
Roughly 86,000 Hondurans will receive a six-month extension of a humanitarian status that allows them to work in the United States, the Homeland Security Department announced Monday night. But temporary protected status will be discontinued for an estimated 5,300 Nicaraguans after a one-year ...
WASHINGTON — Thousands of immigrants from Nicaragua who came to the United States illegally, many of them decades ago, will lose special permission allowing them to stay in the country, the Trump administration said on Monday. However, officials from the Department of Homeland Security said the ...
Gradually, O'Shea's became a huge social hub for local Nicaraguans, expats and volunteers in Granada, and visiting tourists from Europe and North America. An eclectic bunch can be found sitting outside O'Shea's seven nights a week, particularly at the weekends when visitors from Managua, the capital, ...


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