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updated Tue. June 7, 2022

Anas al-Fiqi. The former information minister and close Mubarak aide has been blamed for the spread of false information about protesters in the early days of the uprising. He was convicted of misusing public funds in 2011 and sentenced to seven years in prison. The ruling was overturned, and an appeal ...

... crowd of several hundred protesters over to the state television building along the Nile, where they were gathering to denounce the official media for defaming the revolution. Up front, near the entrance, a fired-up speaker called out from a bullhorn: "Down with Anas al-Fiqi, the lying minister of information!
On a related matter, another former information minister, Anas Al Fiqi, was also summoned before the Illicit Gains Authority, to investigate how he used his influence and ties to the ousted president to illegally amass a fortune well beyond his means or salary, Al Masri Al Youm said. He was brought in from ...
“In the past I had many run-ins with (former information minister) Anas Al Fiqi, and everyone knew it, and he couldn't stop the show, but today we see a clear crackdown and tyranny,” El Hadidi said of official media's transition into the new era. According to the media monitoring site Rassd, El Sherif is having a hard time filling ...
The new head of the (discredited and former ruling) National Democratic Party ousted former information minister Anas Al Fiqi (another Mubarak partisan), and accepted Al Sharif's resignation from the ranks, according to Al Ahram. The paper's post-revolution coverage has been a far cry from its historical ...
Egypt's public prosecutor referred two former ministers and several prominent businessmen to a criminal court on Thursday on accusations of profiteering and squandering public funds, a court source said. The cases are among a number brought by prosecutors who have been investigating corruption ...
... them Iranian agents, but in the evening broadcast footage of a poster that called for the regime's overthrow. According to Egypt's Al Wafd newspaper online, the military command council that took over the affairs of state on Friday deposed Information Minister Anas Al Fiqi and his entourage at the ministry.
30, outgoing Egyptian Information Minister Anas al-Fiqi ordered the offices of all Al Jazeera bureaus in Egypt to be shut down and the accreditation of all network journalists to be revoked. At the height of the protests, Nilesat broke its contractual agreement with the network and stopped transmitting the ...
The Egyptian minister of information, Anas al-Fiqi, proudly announced that Egypt would be "the first to implement" this craven document. Nor is it surprising that the decision of one of Mr al-Fiqi's predecessors in the Cairo censorship sticks in my mind. Faced with Steven Spielberg's Schindler's List and its ...


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