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updated Wed. July 24, 2024

From the widely celebrated liberator of his nation to an arrogant dictator, Robert Mugabe's 37-year rule has been one of Africa's most controversial and influential. Most Zimbabweans had not known a time without Mugabe, who had been at the epicentre of public life since coming to power on April 18, 1980 ...

But this did not deter him from remaining Mugabe's confessor through all the intervening years. It was to Fr. Mukonori that the generals turned last November to broker a bloodless coup. The meetings he chaired went on for a fortnight and at the end he witnessed the aged dictator sign himself out of office ...
A dictator leaving office is always cause for celebration. So when a November 2017 coup unseated Robert Mugabe as president of Zimbabwe after he had spent 37 years blighting that country, it was impossible not to cheer. However, as I wrote last year after the coup, that elation should not tempt the U.S. ...
A few months later Robert Mugabe, then-dictator of Zimbabwe, was removed from power in a coup led by the military. To complete the ... To many observers, the sudden exodus of two dictators and a dictator-in-waiting might signal the waning of authoritarianism in southern Africa. “This very public drama” ...
Why do they bother? Last week, Vladimir Putin, the Russian dictator, got himself "re-elected" to his fourth six-year term by a 76% majority on a 76% turn-out. This week (March 26-28) the Egytian dictator, former general Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, will be "re-elected" with close to 100 percent support, although ...
At the headquarters of Zimbabwe's ruling party, a portrait of the former dictator, Robert Gabriel Mugabe, stared down from a high wall enclosing a bank of elevators. He wore a gray suit, a white-dotted navy tie, and a matching pocket square. His etched jowls were imposing. He looked much younger than 93.
STAUNTON, – Vladimir Putin has ample time to catch up with Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe's 37 years in power, but by the time the Kremlin leader has achieved a similar time in office, everyone will have forgotten Mugabe, Vitaly Portnikov says, making this a good time to compare the two rulers.
Cutifani, as with Impala Platinum (Implats) CEO, Nico Muller, is cautious about how a change in president in Zimbabwe might actually alter policy towards foreign investment. Following the initial euphoria following the toppling of former Zimbabwe dictator, Robert Mugabe, a sense of watchfulness has now ...
“He should live with the reality that he is not in power anymore and Zimbabwe is better without a dictator like him,” said hair stylist Rosemary Wakatama. Zimbabweans were even more forthright on Twitter. “Goblin (Mugabe) is a bitter, egocentric and vindictive geriatric. He is finished. Get out of that freaking ...
Have dictators finally had their day? From retirements to coups d'etat, presidential term limits and opposition candidates winning elections, democracy appears to be making progress across Africa. But leadership succession remains a vexed issue and respect for the integrity of the electoral process is not ...


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