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updated Sun. February 5, 2023

Hepatitis B infection was lower in the rest of the country with a range of 0.8% in South West region to 2.7% in East Central region. The Ministry of Health started the vaccination of adolescents and adults against Hepatitis B virus disease in 2015. This vaccination program was officially launched by President ...

As a wave of unexplained murders and violent crime gripped the country last year, Gen Kale Kayihura declared that kicking him out of office would not stop spiralling criminality. The police chief was clearly feeling the heat from the relentless public criticism when he talked to local leaders. Below The ...
After several years of what you would call stagnation, Uganda's leading export commodity, coffee, is now on an upward move. Latest statistics indicate that both volume and value of Uganda's exports at the international market increased. In terms of volume, Uganda contributed to the global coffee exports ...
A mother of one of awardees from Northern Uganda said she never imagined a vehicle would ever reach her home but now she was in Kampala – a place she would only see in dreams. Gillian Lamwaka, an awardee from central region and she is going to study bachelor of human resource management,at ...
Ugandan vanilla is mainly grown in the central region and the western Kasese and Bundibugyo districts bordering the Democratic Republic of Congo. Okasai said it's gaining prominence as a “major export-revenue earner,” and the government will destroy prematurely harvested vanilla and advise farmers ...
Ugandan households are scared about poverty and food insecurity according to a survey that was carried out by Uwezo in the last three months. ... The same survey that was carried out in Uganda and was taken to Kenya and the findings show that while 85 per cent of Ugandans are worried about food, ...
Now 21-years old, Maki is the founder of a local non-profit organization that supports vulnerable children in the central region of Uganda called Ekitangaala Ministries. The organization in the Rakai district operates two schools and several programs to provide continual access to sustainable food, farming, ...


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