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updated Tue. November 29, 2022

The hazardous state of LGBT rights in many parts of the world was illustrated last month when Rebecca Kadaga, Uganda's viciously homophobic ... The Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Act of 2014 was blocked in court on a technicality, but the campaign for the bill stirred up violence that caused many LGBT ...

Gay rights activists are celebrating after a Kenyan court ruled that subjecting suspected gay men to forced anal testing was illegal. The landmark case marked a significant shift in sexual minority rights in the country, which activists hope will eventually lead to decriminalizing homosexuality in Kenya and ...
There is a global trend towards decriminalising homosexual acts, but some countries, like Nigeria and Uganda, have imposed stricter laws. ... But in many socially conservative and religious countries in Africa, where homosexuality is a taboo, there has been resistance to calls to decriminalise same-sex ...
Museveni is known for holding extreme homophobic views and has introduced some of the harshest anti-LGBT laws in Uganda since taking charge of the country more than three decades ago. But in his latest speech he took aim at 'wrong' sexual practices as part of a campaign to criminalise them. 'Let me ...
The motion commending Kadaga for upholding and protecting Uganda's cultural values was moved by Nsaba Buturo the Bufumbira East MP and seconded ... Commending the junior finance minister David Bahati (Ndorwa West) for sponsoring the private member's anti-homosexuality bill in 2009, Anywar ...
This is due to Uganda's harsh anti-LGBT legislation, which criminalises homosexuality and trans folk alike. Interestingly, shortly after a round of anti-LGBT legislation was passed in Uganda in 2014, Norway and Denmark opted to cut aid to the country, while Iceland's Foreign Minister at the time, Gunnar ...
WATCH ABOVE: An Edmonton woman is asking the federal government to reconsider its decision to deport her based on the fact she is a lesbian and her home country of Uganda views homosexuality as illegal. Julia Wong reports.
Yesterday members of Uganda's Parliament called for legislation akin to the failed Anti-Homosexuality Act 2014. Beginning in 2009, Uganda had the world's ... A slightly modified bill finally passed in 2013 only to be struck down by a Ugandan court in 2014. In protest, nations around the globe cut off aid to ...
Politicians in Uganda's Federal Parliament have pushed for the country to reintroduce anti-homosexuality laws. Scores of MPs lined up to condemn ... Ugandan MPs used the motion commending Kadaga as an opportunity to speak out against homosexuality. Nsaba Buturo, who introduced the motion, ...
In December 2013, Ugandan parliament passed the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Act, 2014, making it legal to imprison people for life for what was deemed “aggravated homosexuality”—defined as someone with HIV engaging in homosexual acts, sex with a minor or repeated offences of homosexuality.


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