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updated Tue. December 19, 2023

Republican Attorney General candidate Craig Mueller says his primary opponent has been “inert” in the face of increasing crime. Mueller also pledged to take on the federal government if it came after Nevada's recreational marijuana industry and to fight to get federally owned lands returned to the state.

A second federal appellate court has ruled that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act prohibits employers from discriminating against employees based on their sexual orientation. The ruling is in line with the EEOC's interpretation of the law, but at odds with the interpretation by the current administration's ...
Assuming the court does not reverse on a rehearing, in the next year, we can expect the FCC to revise its rules interpreting what is an autodialer, and for courts to limit their broad interpretations of the law. In ACA International v. FCC, No. 15-1211, the D.C. Circuit Court found that the FCC's 2015 ruling on ...
An article published in the Ledger-Transcript last Tuesday reported that a miscalculation regarding the implementation of a third-party fact finder's report resulted in nine layoffs in the ConVal School District. Superintendent Kimberly Saunders said it was actually a difference in legal interpretations that led to ...
Zheng Wei argues that “the courts of the Macau Special Administrative Region can still interpret the law and are authorised by the NPCSC to interpret the Basic Law in terms of the law, so that there are essential differences between the system of interpretation of the law in Macau and of the interpretation of law in China ...
In his 2015 book, “The Court and the World,” Justice Stephen Breyer discusses what he describes as the “new challenges imposed by an ever more interdependent world.” As the Supreme Court “is called upon to consider foreign realities,” he observes, it will face a variety of “institutional challenges” ...
Israel is repressing Palestinian protests in Gaza with “unlawful use of lethal force”, using “baseless legal interpretations” to justify this policy, an Israeli human rights group reported as thousands of Palestinians gathered in protest along the Gaza-Israel border on the third Friday of “Great Return March” ...
Israel is repressing Palestinian protests in Gaza with “unlawful use of lethal force”, using “baseless legal interpretations” to justify this policy and “whitewashing the crimes within days”, a human rights group claimed today. B'Tselem, an internationally-respected Israeli human rights group, published its new ...
More than a hundred security personnel were deployed in the ejection of lawyer Miguna Miguna from the country on Wednesday night according to an official of the Kenya national commission on human rights. The commission also maintains that Miguna is indeed a Kenyan whose citizenship based on ...
B'Tselem in a position paper entitled, "If the heart be not callous: On the unlawful shooting of unarmed demonstrators in Gaza," said Israel is treating the protest in Gaza as it has handled similar events in the past: Broad, unlawful use of lethal force at a heavy price to lives, baseless legal interpretations ...


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