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An Islamic republic is the name given to several states that are officially ruled by Islamic laws, including the Islamic Republics of Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, and Mauritania. Pakistan first adopted the title under the constitution of 1956. Mauritania adopted it on 28 November 1958. Iran adopted it after the 1979 Iranian Revolution that overthrew the Pahlavi dynasty. Afghanistan adopted it in 2004 after the fall of the Taliban. Despite the similar name the countries differ greatly in their governments and laws.

The term "Islamic republic" has come to mean several different things, some contradictory to others. To some Muslim religious leaders in the Middle East and Africa who advocate it, an Islamic republic is a state under a particular Islamic form of government. They see it as a compromise between a purely Islamic caliphate and secular nationalism and republicanism. In their conception of the Islamic republic, the penal code of the state is required to be compatible with some or all laws of Sharia, and the state may not be a monarchy, as many Middle Eastern states are presently.[citation needed]

Iran officially uses the name "Islamic Republic" in all governance names referring to the country, e.g. Islamic Republic of Iran Army, Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting etc., as opposed to for example its equivalents in Afghanistan, which are called Afghan National Army and Radio Television Afghanistan. Also, Iran, unlike the others, uses it as part of official acronyms, i.e. 'IRI' for "Islamic Republic of Iran".

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Her act against the Islamic Republic of Iran's forced hijab mandate was simply an expressed desire for greater freedom. In Toronto, meanwhile, the 11-year-old girl in question was actually under the usual age for assuming hijab, even among orthodox Muslim families. Girls are not required by Islam to adopt ...

COLUMBUS, Ohio — An Ohio man convicted of trying to help the Islamic State group is scheduled to be sentenced in April. Aaron Daniels pleaded guilty last July to a charge accusing him of trying to travel to Libya to join the group. Authorities allege Daniels wired $250 to an Islamic State group operative in ...
Federal prosecutors said that, after watching videos from the Islamic State terrorist group earlier this year, Sayyed purchased ingredients to make an explosive and told others about his hope to use it in a car bomb or explosive belt. Sayyed also shared the videos and expressed his support for the terrorism ...
PARIS — A third woman has filed a rape complaint against prominent Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan, jailed since last month on preliminary rape charges in France following two other women's allegations. The Paris prosecutor's office said Thursday it was studying the new complaint and hasn't yet decided ...
Pakistan adopted its official title of 'The Islamic Republic of Pakistan' in 1956 on the day we now celebrate as our Republic Day. ... Building a reputation of an ardent believer of Islam and a dedicated naat khawan in a small city and raping and killing not one or two but at least eight minor girls of the area?
The Republic of Arabic Letters: Islam and the European Enlightenment. By Alexander ... The historical and geographical “gardens” were popular, but so were surveys of Islamic jurisprudence and history. Arabic ... Marracci worked to disprove Islam, carefully translating and rebutting each sura in turn. But by ...
The rise of political Islam in the course of the Iranian Revolution was not a historically predetermined phenomenon, nor was it an accident. The crisis and decline of liberal institutions resulted in a political vacuum in Iran and provided an ideal opportunity for Islamic forces to organise themselves and ...
The Islamic Revolution was led by a God-fearing religious scholar, the late Imam Khomeini, whose understanding and learning of the global situation was rooted in the values and teachings of Islam. For overthrowing Shah, who was a puppet of the arrogant powers, Iran has had to pay a heavy price, but ...


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