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updated Wed. July 6, 2022

Sani's confession on the rapacious inclinations of himself and his colleagues should ordinarily instigate a new wave of discussions on the state of the nation which makes it possible for our country to have a minimum but not a maximum wage, with the working class earning so little while the looting class ...
The Lidl looting was a symptom of a working class community that is strained to breaking point, suggests Brian O'Flynn. ON Friday night, in the midst of the worst blizzard to hit Ireland in decades, the world's attention swivelled to the snow-covered suburb of Tallaght in Dublin. Snow had confined virtually the ...

NEW DELHI: The government on Tuesday proposed to ban all cash transactions above Rs 2 lakh, instead of Rs 3 lakh announced in the budget, and said Aadhaar would be mandatory for filing tax returns and getting a permanent account number (PAN) as it sought fresh checks on black money.
ZIMBABWE is now a land that rewards failure, at personal, corporate and State level. The current Zanu PF government consists of a gang of looters and liars. They have no special talent for the business of government but only a talent of violently getting and holding office by any means necessary contrary ...
Nigerian's looting class is defined more by mindless political corruption; packing stolen state funds in foreign banks; unimaginative investing; and investing in isolated provincial markets than by any meaningful form of national investment. In Nigeria, the wealthy are notorious for parking their wealth in ...

Rotterdam, The Netherlands (CNN) Silene Fredriksz's world fell apart when her son and his girlfriend died in the shooting down of MH17. Days after the tragedy the grieving mother begged for someone to "take care of my son and daughter ... bring them home." But despite her personal plea she got nothing ...
The looting class and its hoarded gold. October 8, 2015. Every time layoffs are announced or vital government benefits are slashed, we're told that there is no alternative because the money isn't there. But this is a bald-faced lie, explains Danny Katch, author of Socialism...Seriously: A Brief Guide to Human Liberation.

Watch "Katrina: The Storm that Never Stopped" Thursday at 9 p.m. ET/PT. (CNN) Whispering in her ear as she lay in a coma, a New Orleans man told his mother to go before the storm came. His mother died that day, August 6, 2005, as a tropical depression was forming into Hurricane Irene. What Johnny ...
The PDP, which likes to call itself the biggest political party in Africa, is simultaneously rife with competing ethnic claims on power and patronage and the vehicle through which Nigeria's revolving cast of rulers privately set aside their differences to ensure the continued hegemony of the looting class.
Miles away from the somber ceremony on a tarmac where coffins containing the remains of victims of Flight MH17 were returned, dozens of forensic scientists at a military base in the Netherlands were preparing for the grim task of identifying the remains. In all, 298 passengers and crew -- among them ...
MH17: What they left behind – A birthday card found in a sunflower field near the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in eastern Ukraine, on Thursday, July 24. The passenger plane was shot down July 17 above Ukraine. All 298 people aboard were killed, and much of what they left behind was ...


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