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updated Thu. January 4, 2024

“It can be difficult for people to declare themselves as Pagan, there is a lot of fear and a lot of stereotypes about Paganism in the world,” Chevalier said. “I hope that, as PALACE becomes more prominent on campus, we can find more active Pagans and let them know that PALACE is a place they can go to ...

The crazed blackened rock and roll sounds coming from Pagan have netted the Melbourne band so much love and so many awesome opportunities over the past year or so; from playing BIGSOUND, hitting up Yours & Owls, opening Unify Gathering 2017, opening up for Pennywise last year, and touring ...
BRISTOL, England — This Saturday saw the 51st Quest Conference, one of the oldest Pagan conferences in the world. Held annually in Bristol, the conference is regularly attended by many of Britain's Pagans, but people also come from all over the world – North America, Europe, and Ireland.
People were simply deciding that the Christian God was the one to be worshipped rather than the traditional pagan gods, and for several centuries it went on like that. We don't actually have records of forcible conversions in the sense that Christians were wielding the sword and forcing pagans to convert.
A series of Earth-shattering volcanic eruptions in Iceland during the Middle Ages may have spurred the people living there to turn away from their pagan gods and convert to Christianity, a new study finds. The discovery came about thanks to precise dating of the volcanic eruptions, which spewed lava about ...
People design political protests and Pagan rituals to raise emotional or psychological energy. He said, “There is a kind of 'magic' to protesting,” not in the sense of 'mind over matter,' but a 'matter over mind' magic. Halstead feels that political demonstrations can be transform the actor, raising energy and ...
A terrific volcanic blast lasting over a year seems to have convinced the suffering pagans of Iceland that their gods were dead and they'd be better off embracing Christianity, a new study dating the eruption postulates. The eureka moment was conclusively dating a colossal eruption by the volcano named ...
Spiritual leaders for inmates who adhere to pagan religions are being recruited around the country. ... 'Communing with nature is problematic in a prison setting'... pagans celebrate the Lammas Day festival. ... Seven pagan chaplains are being sought to minister to inmates at prisons around the country.
“Depending on the practitioner or the organization, Paganism can really be fluid, depending on what speaks to them,” MacPherson said. Because the pagan spectrum is so broad, the label can imply a number of different things. For example, MacPherson said that some pagans take a polytheist approach, ...
This linguistic link forces these pagan worshipers, whose beliefs do have a strongly nationalist tilt, to disavow any connection with neo-Nazi factions. ... Mr. Lundberg expressed concern that paganism, or heathenry, which his group had worked hard to instill with a more positive connotation, was regaining a ...


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