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updated Thu. December 1, 2022

In the majority of the Christian world, Easter Sunday falls at some point in the month between the end of March and the end of April – and this year, it comes near the beginning of that window. ... For Orthodox Christians in Ethiopia, Easter is the most revered religious holiday of the year. Known as Fasika, the ...

UK tour operators are now flying back to the popular resort of Sharm el Sheikh after the downing of a Russian holiday jet in 2015 – killing all 224 people on board. But now the terror group – which controls areas of the Sinai region to the north of the Red Sea resort – is demanding attacks to destabilise the ...
ISIS made the call in an online weekly publication - Al-Nada - urging operatives to intensify their attacks on Christians across the country. Egypt's tourism industry has taken a hammering over the last few years after an increased terror threat. But now UK tour operators have begun flying back into the ...
SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – It's the most important holiday in the Christian religion, but for an unknown reason Apple has deleted Easter Sunday from the iCal calendars of ... The calendar defaults to US holidays and there's an option to make it show alternate calendars, like Hebrew and Islamic holidays.
For Ash Wednesday, many Christians honor their love for their Lord through prayer, fasting, self-denial and vows to be better people. Ash Wednesday also marks — quite literally — the start of Christianity's holiest season as priests put marks of the cross on the foreheads of worshippers. It falls on the ...
Others see Mardi Gras as a holiday unique to Christianity, having developed to ring in the Christian period of Lent, during which Christians are expected to abstain from eating meat and having sex. The idea underpinning the holiday is that people should overindulge before giving everything up for 40 days.
U.S. calendars for 2018 on Apple devices initially did not mark Easter, but the holiday has since been restored to calendar apps. ... an anti-Christian bias was at work in articles bearing headlines such as “iPhone Calendars Mysteriously Delete Easter, Conveniently Show Obscure Non-Christian Holidays.”.


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