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updated Fri. December 30, 2022

I think over the past four or five years, I spent a lot of time in Raleigh advocating for shared parenting legislation. I helped with SB 519 in 2015, 645 this ... “I'm also the vice president of operations for an international nonprofit organization called the Fathers Rights Movement. And I've spent the last four years ...

The Women and Equalities Select Committee has published a report recommending reforms to legislation to improve fathers' rights to paid time off and flexible working. The report recommends that paternity pay becomes a day one right for fathers with an increase in statutory paternity pay to 90% of ...
At a custody hearing in Allegheny County on May 20, 2016, the 9-year-old boy at the center of the case took the stand and was asked a series of questions. His favorite school subject? Math. His best friend? Drew. His musical instrument of choice? The alto recorder. But according to court transcripts, the ...
Dr. Ned Holstein, the founder of the National Parents Organization, which promotes shared parenting legislation, argues that the legal establishment is preventing reform. “This is a classic case of special interests versus what the public generally believes,” he said to Manila Chan of RT America.
The legal push for custody arrangements is in large part a result of years of lobbying by fathers' rights advocates who feel alienated from their children and burdened by child-support obligations. These groups, including the National Parents Organization, are gaining new traction with support from across ...
Birth fathers contesting adoptions are rare, but a few high-profile cases in recent years have drawn more attention to the legal process of ensuring that fathers of unborn or newborn children who a mother has chosen to relinquish have been notified. A new law proposed in the House of Representatives by ...


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