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updated Wed. May 22, 2024

Newspaper publishers are bracing for another blow to an industry that has shrunk with the loss of advertising revenue to the internet. Newspaper publishers across the U.S. already strapped by years of declining revenue say they're dealing with an existential threat: Recently imposed tariffs on Canadian ...
Major publishers are increasingly inserting language into their contracts—referred to as morality clauses—that allows them to terminate agreements in response to a broad range of behavior by authors. And agents, most of whom spoke with PW on the condition of anonymity, say the change is worrying in ...

Grinberg, a research fellow at the Harvard Institute for Quantitative Social Science jointly with the Northeastern's Lazer Lab, looked at Chartbeat data for seven different publishers' sites — a dataset of more than 7.7 million pageviews, on both mobile and desktop, of 66,821 news articles from the sites.
The European GDPR is a regulation that affects all AdSense publishers whose reach extends to Europe. Even if you don't live in Europe, Google is asking publishers to consider updating their privacy policies in order to conform with the new regulations. AdSense publishers are encouraged to link to ...
Apple wants publishers to distribute higher-quality videos on Apple News. But publishers want to see higher revenue from those videos. Apple has told publishers it knows the money isn't yet there, and it has begun to show them how the company hopes to raise their videos' profiles and revenue prospects.
(RNS) — Several publishers have stopped printing books by former Willow Creek Community Church pastor Bill Hybels as the Chicago-area megachurch he founded investigates new allegations of his inappropriate behavior toward women. Hybels has denied the allegations.

In light of sexual misconduct allegations against pastor and author Bill Hybels, publishers are halting the printing of his front and backlist titles. Hybels, the founder and senior pastor of Willow Creek Community Church, which is outside of Chicago, denied, in March, accusations that he be behaved ...
ResearchGate, which allows scientists to share papers and connect with potential collaborators, has reached an agreement with three publishers to resolve differences over article sharing. As part of the arrangement with Springer Nature, Cambridge University Press and Thieme announced on 19 April, ...
All three are trying to make themselves more useful to publishers because the value they've long provided — a steady stream of revenue, and in some cases, cost-effective traffic — has been eroded by improvements in programmatic advertising and more focus among publishers on keeping readers on ...
Facebook is actively providing more documentation about GDPR, after gathering hundreds of employees with the mission to comply with the European legislation. One of the updates is that advertisers and publishers will need to ask consent to users before “storing” and “access” any data on the “end user´s ...
Booksellers, publishers, librarians, and agents are encouraged to look at the 82 self-published titles below. Each appears with a list of retailers that are selling the book and a description provided by its author. Some of these writers are waiting to be discovered; others have track records and followings and ...
Most of us have seen the commercials on TV where Publishers Clearing House has surprised an unsuspecting family with balloons and a big check written for millions of dollars. The family breaks out in happy tears and exclaims how fortunate they are and how this is going to change their lives forever.
Four publishers will be forced to make changes to their games in the Netherlands after a landmark report from the Netherlands Gaming Authority found their loot boxes violate laws against gambling. Study into loot boxes: A treasure or a burden? (PDF) notes that an in-game loot box violates the country's ...
The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), has announced record-breaking revenue for the fourth year in a row. The organization collected approximately $1.1 billion in revenues last year and distributed for the first time more than $1 billion to its songwriter, composer and music ...
Snap first launched the "Discover" section on Snapchat in 2015 and subsequently partnered with a number of publishers like BuzzFeed and Cosmopolitan to produce content that featured a combination of articles, photos, and videos. This helped publishers build their brand and get a boost in traffic.
Facebook's algorithm change earlier this year highlighted that the audiences that publishers and influencers cultivated in these walled-garden platforms are not their own. But increasingly, publishers and influencers are using Instagram Stories to convert those audiences into ones they do own. On May 16 ...
“The Publishers Clearing House scam has pretty much been a mail type fraud, but a scam can arrive in many different ways - through mail, phone and the Internet.” Earlier this year, the Consumer Affairs bureau in Ulster saw computer cold calls surface again too where a scammer claiming to be from Apple, ...

Eyeo, the firm behind the popular AdBlock Plus plugin, just scored a major victory in Germany's Supreme Court. For the past few years, the firm has been embroiled in a battle with publishing giant Axel Springer over its acceptable ads program. In 2015, a group of German media publications sued Eyeo, ...
Four out of ten loot boxes found in video games recently studied by the Netherlands' Gaming Authority violated the country's Betting and Gaming Act, the organization revealed Thursday. It's now giving game publishers until June 20 to comply with the law or they could face “enforcement action.” Loot boxes ...
Our healthy 2017 financial results are proof positive that we are succeeding in our strategic transformation and our mission to support music creators and music publishers for a sustainable future in the digital economy.” ASCAP President Paul Williams said: “I am gratified by the hard work that the ASCAP ...
Many publishers refer approvingly to the guidelines of the Committee on Publication Ethics and the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors, which require the disclosure of a clear reason for retraction. However, we found that publishers' policy statements on retraction are often ambiguous and ...
Interactions on some local publishers' Facebook posts are down by as much as 56 percent compared to the two years prior, despite an algorithm change that Mark Zuckerberg says was deliberately designed to promote news from local sources on the platform. Analysis by the Tow Center finds that 11 out of ...
Facebook is testing a new video format called Facebook Premieres that will let video creators, publishers and shows post prerecorded video as live footage. The prerecorded videos will play similar to a livestream, allowing viewers the chance to interact with the video as it is broadcast on the site. Comments ...
Marketing technology is already complicated enough for publishers without having to worry about how advertisers leverage their vendors. But publishers that rely on programmatic advertising would be wise to dissect how their ad partners' demand-side platforms (DSPs) rank inventory. Publishers have a ...
It's another thing entirely, though, if your job depends on Snapchat. Just ask the social-media managers and producers working on Snapchat Discover stories in partnership with the company. Since the app was redesigned, publishers say numbers have been disconcertingly all over the place — so all over ...
"The jury in this case recognized the inherent value of textbooks and educational publishers, and that book distributors must exercise vigilance to avoid buying and selling counterfeit textbooks," said attorney Matt Oppenheim who represented the publishers. Evan Mandel, a lawyer for Smyres, told the ...
This information is automatically imported into Audience Vault, enabling publishers to create custom packages made up of their most lucrative audiences and make them available programmatically to their advertising partners. Because Audience Vault includes data from various leading DMPs, publishers ...
But newspaper publishers are bracing for another blow to an industry that has shrunk with the loss of advertising revenue to the internet. Critics of the paper tariffs say the businesses that will ultimately be harmed are not Canadian paper producers, but U.S. newspapers that will have to cut staff and reduce ...
In a bit of good news for web publishers, Google announced via Twitter a change to Google Mobile Search that will show more links to web pages. If the default search results do not satisfy the user they will have the option to click a “More results” button that will show links to more pages. This change affects ...
European universities and research organisations could save hundreds of millions of euros a year by switching to an open access publishing system, a new analysis of subscription deals with publishers has concluded. The report by the European University Association (EUA) warns of growing publisher ...
Despite taking down 1.4 million papers from the public domain last October, “around 4 million copyright infringing articles remain publicly available on the site and continue to grow by the day”, the publishers say. Last October's take-down of papers was a “one-off action that will not be repeated”.
They must evolve to become publishers. That means OOH companies need to start thinking about creating and curating content, developing audiences and creating powerful advertising experiences driven off of content. No longer just real estate, their screens are windows into consumer experiences—just ...
The National Music Publishers' Association led its members to file suit back in 2015 with the allegation that Wolfgang's Vault lacks the requisite licenses to stream a collection of works that was acquired from Bill Graham and operators of other concert venues. About 200 musical compositions were primarily ...
On one hand, ads.txt—an Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)-backed text file that lets publishers publicly list all the vendors authorized to sell their inventory—helps publishers take control of their inventory by giving ad buyers a check against domain spoofing and arbitrage. On the other, making simple ...
Publishers Clearing House is perhaps best known (at least among people of a certain age) for selling cheap magazine subscriptions and compact-disc collections — and for delivering oversize checks to sweepstakes winners. Turns out, PCH is now a cutting edge, data-driven digital media powerhouse.
Snap has been stepping up efforts to curry favor with publishers, especially as publishers continue to feel the impact of Facebook's news feed changes. Its newest pitch: commerce. Snap has begun testing a commerce function within a handful of Snapchat Discover publisher channels, according to multiple ...
Thirty-eight percent of American publisher respondents said international expansion would be important to their business in 2018, according to a Digiday Research survey. Markets outside the U.S. hold promise for publishers looking for subscribers, too. But the hill is steeper for publishers that don't have ...
Ad agencies using data to retarget publishers' audiences is nothing new. But multiple publishers said they're getting more frequent, onerous demands from ad agencies wanting to get their hands on that audience data. Sometimes agencies merely ask for the audiences' social media IDs so the agency ...
The session was a great opportunity to highlight EPA's efforts to advance the local and international publishing industry and be updated with the latest publications by Arab and foreign publishers in the field of children's literature, as well as to network, connect and cooperate with Brazilian publishers to ...
On Jan. 8, MediaMath kicked a handful of publishers out of its “curated market,” an exclusive programmatic marketplace that the demand-side platform created last year for more than 7,000 advertisers and 500 publishers to automate the buying and selling of high-end inventory. The reason: Those ...
That includes news publishers, as Doc Searls has explored. News publishers collect a lot of data, mostly for analytics and online advertising technology. If you're reading this on the Poynter website, for example, you can expect that you're being tracked by Chartbeat for analytics, DoubleClick for advertising ...
Hard news publishers were not heavily affected by Facebook's algorithm change two months ago, according to a report from NewsWhip, a service that monitors social media for publishers and marketers. In January, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the social media platform's News Feed would ...
This individual will work with the associate publishers and publisher to identify, research, present, and facilitate the acquisition of these books for Tommy Nelson children's books, Nelson Gift, and Zondervan Gift. We work with a broad range of authors including Sarah Young, Max Lucado, Lisa Bevere, John ...
Fourteen-year-old Gwen is a good Catholic girl living in a small town in Ohio. It's 1964. She knows that unmarried women don't have children, so she's is shocked to find herself in 'the family way' after a summer of giddy first romance and sexual exploration with Paul, the Jewish son of her divorced ...
Boulder Book Store is celebrating after being named the 2018 Publishers Weekly Bookstore of the Year. The national honor is decided by a panel of judges in the publishing industry, and according to Publishers Weekly, Boulder Book Store has been a pioneer in many industry initiatives. “We were ...
There has been little growth in total publishing sales in recent years in the U.S. and in most Western nations, and that difficult operating environment was reflected in the financial performance of three of the world's largest publishers that have substantial holdings in the U.S. Penguin Random House and ...
But on the good side, Facebook continues to support local news, and has been driving revenues for publishers through Facebook Groups. Netflix is going on a different kind of binge, hiring people at big salaries like $400,000 for a publicist, as the cost of content goes sky-high in the streaming age.
OhioLINK negotiated and secured statewide wholesale price agreements with major textbook publishers to benefit its member institutions. These agreements will reduce the wholesale price of e-textbooks to participating colleges and retailers by up to 80 percent and courseware by up to 55 percent, with ...
The publishers association said there are hundreds of small newspapers across the state, including publications staffed by only one or two people and others that are published in languages other than English. “How will these organizations develop sufficient expertise in New York State Election Law to ...
Playwire, the largest online representation firm for reaching gaming and entertainment enthusiasts online, announced the creation of their Complete Monetization Platform (CMP), an all-inclusive solution for mid-market digital publishers. The platform combines brand-new features and technology along with ...


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