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updated Mon. July 8, 2024

In addition to the Titanic, Marriott's collection includes British Spitfire fighter jets, vintage Civil War battleships, a British Aerospace Sea Harrier, Eurofighter Typhoon, RAF Tornadoes, a Russian MIG 25 and a German 262 (the world's first jet fighter). Marriott also has more than 250 model kits in storage that ...

23, 2002—less than three months before Operation Iraqi Freedom began—a Stinger-armed Predator was performing reconnaissance over a no-fly zone when an Iraqi MiG-25 turned in to attack. The Predator fired at the MiG-25, and the TV imagery showed the smoke trails of the two missiles crossing in ...
America got a close look at a MiG-25 when one was flown to Japan, and they breathed easily as they learned just how primitive some of the onboard technology was. The MiG-25 never did that well in combat. It may have scored a kill in Desert Storm and did kill a Predator in 2002, but two were killed by Air ...
But Pahlavi was especially keen to acquire a fighter that could fly fast enough and shoot far enough to confront Soviet MiG-25 Foxbat recon planes that had been flying over Iran at 60,000 feet and Mach 3. The administration of U.S. president Richard Nixon was all too eager to grant the shah's wish in ...
Since it first appeared in grainy black and white spy photos in the late 1960's and early '70's the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25 (NATO reporting name “Foxbat”) has been an enigma. The big, boxy Foxbat was initially thought to be a new generation of dogfight-capable air superiority fighter that sparked the ...
Speicher was within 45 seconds of his target when an enemy MiG-25 appeared and fired a missile that ripped off one of the wings on his jet. Witnesses saw a fireball in the sky and then about 20 seconds later, a huge explosion on the ground. It looked like Speicher was killed in the crash, and the U.S. ...
The Foxhound emerged as an attempt to improve on a somewhat disappointing predecessor, the MiG-25 Foxbat. The twin-engine Foxbat remains the fastest flying operational fighter, able to attain speeds over Mach 3 and fly up to 70 thousand feet in order to counter the U.S. XB-70 Valkyrie supersonic ...
In contrast with its older cousin, the MiG-21, a very limited number of Foxbats remain in service. Most of these fly in the Algerian Air Force and the Syrian Arab Air Force, although some reports have emerged of a MiG-25 returning to service in Libya. Most Foxbats retired shortly after the end of the Soviet ...


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