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updated Thu. April 11, 2024

Two teams from the Ursuline qualified for the All Ireland Final of the Knights of St. Columbanus Public Speaking - a first in the history of the competition. This competition attracts competitors from the four corners of the country. The school is also in the final of the Soroptimist Competition where Kerry Tierney ...

The Polk County 4-H Clubs held the County 4-H Public Speaking contest on Feb. 26, and 56 4-H members from across the county met and competed in their grade level at First Baptist Church in Benton. 4-H is proud of the accomplishments of the many 4-H members that learn the valuable life skill of ...
The Youth Leadership and Public Speaking Program celebrated their graduation at the Hillsborough Municipal Building on Mar 3. The graduates each gave a public speech and were presented their graduate certificate along a celebratory gift. Rahul Ravula, a sophomore at Hillsborough High School, gave ...
The third key to public speaking is to establish authority. We can do this with both verbal and non-verbal language. The best way to calm our nerves is to carefully study what we are going to talk about. But our emotions and personality come out when we are speaking in front of people. Our insecurities or ...
Rep. John Zelinsky's proposal to set aside 15 minutes for public comment at Board of Representatives meetings was rejected. Rep. John Zelinsky's proposal to set aside 15 minutes for public comment at Board of Representatives meetings was rejected. Photo: Michael Cummo / Hearst Connecticut Media.
“Conference speaking and corporate training, quickly offers Makana Risser Chai, are just two income streams for speakers.” I'm sitting at a Speakers Association Hawaii monthly meeting listening to Makana as she shares her stories of how she has created a rising trajectory in the public speaking space.
More than 70 percent of the population is affected by what scientists call glossophobia – the fear of public speaking. Glossophobia is a commonly known social anxiety disorder that ranges in severity. Whether you suffer greatly and go to great lengths to avoid group presentations, or you merely get ...
You don't have to be 6'7″ or run around with boundless energy to stand out to an audience (think the public speaking greats like Tony Robbins and Gary Vaynerchuk). What I believe helps me connect with an audience is authentic content. I like to know my audience, and then I spend hours researching ...
We all want to be fearless public speakers. We dream of confidently striding onto the stage to give a speech or presentation, breaking the ice with the perfect joke, captivating the audience with compelling stories, handling the most difficult questions with ease, and exiting to cheers and applause. But the ...
Babel Talen is the official language partner of Utrecht University, offering individual and group Dutch courses, from introductory to advanced levels. Speaking in public remains a challenge and even a fear for many of us. No matter what your occupation, public speaking will always make an appearance and ...



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