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updated Tue. July 26, 2022

Remember That Guy Who Was Knocked Out and Then Dragged Off His United Airlines Flight? (Now an Officer Is Suing the Airline). Chicago Aviation Police officer James Long is suing United Airlines, Chicago Aviation Commissioner Ginger Evans, and the City of Chicago. By Peter Economy. While Peter ...
An aviation security official who was fired after dragging a passenger off a United Airlines flight in Chicago last year is suing the airline and his former employer, the Chicago Department of Aviation, charging that he was not adequately trained for such a situation. James Long was called to the plane in April ...

Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek. Well, well, well. All may now be well between United Airlines management and its employees. Well, not all, but at least some. The airline, you see, has decided to kill its infamous bonus lottery program.
Boeing debuted the Dreamliner 787-10 at its factory in South Carolina. It's the first Boeing aircraft to be exclusively made in the Palmetto State. Singapore Airlines will operate this particular plane regionally in Asia. USA TODAY. ELM 0409 UNITED AIRLINES. A United Airlines passenger plane lands at ...
Yes, we're talking about United Airlines. The airline that today is commemorating the dragging of a passenger down the aisle of one of its planes and knocking out a couple of his teeth. Ah, but he wasn't a 1K, I hear you sniffle. Indeed, and he'd just been bumped, not dumped. Our man of forlorn hope ...

A flight from Newark to St. Louis was diverted Friday after the airline realized a dog was “mistakenly” loaded onto the plane, United Airlines said in a statement obtained by ABC News. The dog, which had been packed into a carrier, was dropped off in Akron, Ohio and eventually reunited with its owner.
United Airlines has had yet another incident with a dog on one of its flights. No, not the one with the dog that died in the overhead bin. Or the dog that was mistakenly sent to Japan. Shockingly, the beleaguered airline had another incident with another dog. On Thursday, a United flight from Newark, N.J., ...

Passengers were compensated for the delay though United Airlines did not say how much they received, according to the Post. The news comes after a dog died on a United Airlines flight after a flight attendant allegedly told a family to place the dog in an overhead compartment. The dog was suffocated to ...
FILE- In this March 15, 2017, photo, people stand in line at a United Airlines counter at LaGuardia Airport in New York. A dog died on a United Airlines plane after a flight attendant ordered its owner to put the animal in the plane's overhead bin. United said Tuesday, March 13, 2018, that it took full responsibility for the ...
United Airlines reunites German Shepherd with its Kansas owners after mistakenly flying it to Japan. Filed under Airlines at 18 hrs ... Kara Swindle and her two children were flying on United Airlines from Oregon to Kansas City, Missouri, on Tuesday during a move to Wichita. When they went to pick up Irgo, ...
United Airlines chartered a private jet to fly home a German shepherd it mistakenly transported to Tokyo earlier this week. Days after an outcry over the death of a United passenger's French bulldog, the airline appeared to want to get 10-year-old Irgo back to his family in Kansas City, Missouri, quickly.
United Airlines on Wednesday said the owner of a puppy that died in one of its overhead bins told a flight attendant the dog was in the bag before it was stowed there. The flight attendant, however, did not hear or understand the woman, the airline said, which called the incident a "tragic accident." The flight ...
A whole, big almost-a-year since United Airlines got police to drag Dr. David Dao, a paying passenger, down the aisle of a plane, his face bloodied. So, to get ahead of this anniversary -- it's April 9, in case you'd erased it from your being -- United Airlines spoke to the Chicago Business Journal's Lewis ...


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