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updated Sun. July 14, 2024

Cycloserine, a drug used to treat drug-resistant tuberculosis, spiked in price from $500 for 30 pills to $10,800 in 2015 after its acquisition by Rodelis Therapeutics. After a public uproar, it dropped its price to $1,050. Closer to home, Bridge Magazine reported in December that Michigan's estimated 15,000 ...

The report was launched by Chairman Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri), and focused on the business practices of four companies - Turing Pharmaceuticals, Retrophin, Inc. (NASDAQ:RTRX), Valeant (NYSE:VRX) and Rodelis Therapeutics. Two major recommendations from the ...
The companies—Turing Pharmaceuticals, Retrophin, Valeant Pharmaceuticals International and Rodelis Therapeutics—targeted decades-old, off-patent drugs, monopolized both their production and distribution, and held dying patients and their health care providers hostage as they hiked prices, often ...
The Senate released a 130-page report on price gouging in the drug industry. VRX was included in the report. After acquiring Syprine and Cuprimine in 2010, VRX raised their prices by multiples of their previous prices. CEO Joe Papa has refused to cut prices for Syprine and Cuprimine. That could be a de ...
Here are some of the key findings in the committee's 131-page report on those companies, which included Turing Pharmaceuticals, Retrophin Inc., Valeant Pharmaceuticals International and Rodelis Therapeutics. Advertisement. The companies raised prices – not to fund research to discover new drugs ...
We are proceeding with our investigation into the practices of the four pharmaceutical companies: Valeant Pharmaceuticals, Turing Pharmaceuticals, Retrophin Inc, and Rodelis Therapeutics.” In a statement released Thursday, Retrophin – which ousted Shkreli in October 2014 and later filed suit against ...
... a tablet to $750. The committee asked Valeant to explain why it raised the price of isoproterenol from $4,489 for 25 ampules to $36,811 and nitroprusside from $257 to $805.61 per vial. Two other companies, Rodelis Therapeutics and Retrophin Inc., have also been asked to provide pricing information.
The price of the drug cycloserine, which shot up from $500 for 30 capsules to $10,800 overnight after the rights to produce the drug were acquired last month by Rodelis Therapeutics, will now be $1,050, according to The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. NBC News has not immediately ...
Cycloserine, a drug used to treat dangerous multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, was just increased in price to $10,800 for 30 pills from $500 after its acquisition by Rodelis Therapeutics. Scott Spencer, general manager of Rodelis, said the company needed to invest to make sure the supply of the drug ...


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