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updated Mon. January 1, 2024

The bigger issue is the overall lack of transparency and accountability in the commercial spyware industry.” “Given the history of abuses which we and others have documented, and the absence of transparency and public accountability, it is essential that researchers and journalists fill the void by tracking ...
Using network-filtering devices to sneak spyware onto targets' computers "has long been the stuff of legends" according to the report — a practice previously documented in leaked NSA documents and spyware company brochures, the researchers say, but never before publicly observed. "When you have ...

The FBI is once again warning organizations that there has been an increase in phishing campaigns targeting employee W-2 information. In addition, this week saw new breach notifications related to W-2 theft, as well as reports of a threat actor targeting Fortune 500 companies with business email ...
A hacker has broken into two consumer spyware companies—firms which sell malware to everyday people, sometimes with the explicit intent of illegally spying on spouses or lovers—and provided a large cache of data to Motherboard. The data includes gigabytes of customer records, apparent business ...
Retina-X was not the only spyware company hacked last year. Other hackers also breached FlexiSpy, an infamous provider of spyware that has actively marketed its apps to jealous lovers. At the time, the hackers promised that their two victims—FlexiSpy and Retina-X—were only the first in line, and that ...

This week in Security: Strava Labs releases their global heat map of fitness tracking app data, accidentally giving away potential locations of secret military bases in the process; the notorious Italian spyware development group, Hacking Team, makes another resurgence; and Facebook announces they ...
Aglaya, one of the many firms trying to jump on the surveillance gold-rush, is now offering ridiculous capabilities that it compares to a nuclear strike, including at trade shows attended by government agencies. SHARE; TWEET. Joseph Cox. Jan 22 2018, 7:42am. As law enforcement agencies look to increase their digital ...

Aglaya said it wasn't interested in selling sketchy products to governments. Now, it's advertising the same products at arms shows. SHARE; TWEET. Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai. Sep 18 2017, 6:00am. Image: Matt Kennard. In the unregulated, digital weapons gold rush, it looks like old habits die hard. Last year ...
A software firm has been criticised for attempting to sell spyware to parents, claiming that it could determine the sexual orientation of their sons. The French firm, Fireworld, uploaded an article to their website explaining that the new “invisible PC spy software” could help confirm or refute parents' suspicions ...
Spyware Company Promises It Can Determine If Your Son Is Gay. "The sexual orientation of your children, directly responsible for the continuation of your family, is very important to you." by Dan Avery 8/23/2017. A French computer company promises its spyware can “find out if your son is gay.” Tracking software is popular ...
Google Revealed an Israeli Spyware Company That Has Quietly Sold Its Wares for Years ... The findings come as part of ongoing investigations by the researchers into commercial, surveillance-focused malware, and suggest that a booming mobile spyware industry shows no sign of slowing down. During a ...
A prominent digital rights group is sounding the alarm after reports that a controversial developer of government-grade spy software may be up for sale. The University of Toronto's Citizen Lab, whose researchers have authored multiple reports on the the misuse of spyware developed by a company called ...


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