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updated Thu. April 25, 2024

We already know Microsoft will offer a stripped-down “S Mode” for Windows next year, and the company is also reportedly considering an “Advanced” version of Windows 10 Home with new features for higher-end hardware. Instead of being a one-size-fits-all operating system, Windows is becoming one ...

Within a few months of its release, Microsoft got in touch and offered to bundle the software with every single mouse that it sold. PC Paintbrush was a great piece of software to show off the new graphical capabilities of the latest hardware, but it was just as capable of demonstrating the advantages of a ...
Kushagra Vaid, general manager of Microsoft's Azure Cloud Hardware Infrastructure group, announced Project Denali, a specification for standardizing Solid-State Drive firmware interfaces. The goal is to give enterprises and cloud computing providers more flexibility in how they use flash storage in large ...
SAN JOSE, California — Security is the “missing piece” of Microsoft's open hardware project, according to a Microsoft executive at the Open Compute Project (OCP) Summit. The company and other OCP members are currently working to implement Project Cerberus, its open hardware security initiative, ...
I've been talking about the Surface Pro 4 flickering and shaking problem since October 2015. In April 2017 it became clear that Microsoft had disavowed any problem, much less offered a solution. Now, a year later, we may have a breakthrough. The problem, as many already know, involves a persistent ...
Nvidia's support for DXR on Volta and later means that the hardware will work hand-in-hand with DirectX 12 to make ray tracing a realistic proposition for the PC. The details are quite technical, and you can read about them at the Microsoft blog, but the result is that PC graphics could take on some of the ...
Microsoft's big promise with Windows 10 has always been a version of Windows that will run across multiple devices. While we've seen Windows 10 power devices like the HoloLens, an Xbox One console, or even phone hardware, Microsoft has often created separate interfaces and software to sit on top of ...
But there is enough noise that it's safe to assume, at least, that Microsoft is working on something new. One good source if you're wanting to make a guess is the American patent system and one recent filing hints that we might end up seeing a mobile device with a hardware-based laptop mode.
Xiaomi has inked a deal with Microsoft to work together to integrate and collaborate on AI, cloud computing and hardware services. The two companies have signed a strategic framework MoU to work closely to explore ways to drive deeper technology integration and collaboration, particularly around AI.
On the side of Microsoft, it's particularly interesting given that the company has largely pulled back on a lot of its hardware efforts, and has visibly had some major stumbles in this area especially in mobile — most recently with its failure to take on and grow the Nokia mobile business and Windows Mobile.


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