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updated Sat. January 13, 2024

The European Commission approved on April 11 amendments by German pharmaceutical company Bayer to its bid for the takeover of US biotechnology corporation Monsanto. Bayer's acquisition of Monsanto would create a one-stop shop for agricultural products offering everything from seeds to fertilizers ...

Monsanto argued its product was a biotech one, a microbiological process/microorganism, which was patentable under the Patents Act. Indeed, it said Section 3(j) did not apply to it ... Therefore, these products are not 'microorganisms' and consequently excluded from the exclusion clause in Section 3(j)”.
Seed companies — which often incorporate genetic traits into regional seed products — will now have to align themselves with one of the “gang of four” agrochemical companies: Bayer-Monsanto, DowDupont, Syngenta and BASF, Carstensen said. If they attempt to reduce prices or otherwise undermine ...
Over the past several years, however, Monsanto is now facing over 380 pending lawsuits because the product's active ingredient glyphosate is believed .... A Roundup class action lawsuit (Case No: BC-578-942) was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court against Monsanto's false advertising that the products ...
Bayer received conditional approval of the deal in March after the company submitted new commitments where it agreed to divest its seed treatment assets and products to BASF, as opposed to Monsanto's seed treatment assets, and its global digital agriculture assets and products. Despite the approval of.
They also cover certain Monsanto assets, which in future would have competed with a Bayer seed treatment against nematode worms. • Bayer committed to grant a license to its entire global digital agriculture product portfolio and pipeline products to ensure continued competition on this emerging market.
Although Bayer and Monsanto are ostensibly function in different sectors, there is some crossover between their products. To satisfy the DOJ, Bayer will sell off some of its assets to German competitor BASF before the merger. These include the company's soybean and cottonseed businesses as well as its ...
“Product liability cases often turn on a battle of the experts,” she said. The sheer size of cases like the Monsanto litigation “make one judge's decision as to experts quite impactful.” The case is In re: Roundup Products Liability Litigation, MDL 2741, U.S. District Court, Northern District of California (San ...


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