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updated Wed. June 1, 2022

Emile Lahoud has aptly written, “Despair and frustration will not shake our belief that the resistance is the only way of liberation.” The book is excellent, honest and thought-provoking and is relevant even in the context of partition of Indian sub-continent and the struggles for emerging Bangladesh.

In 1998, when the balance between political powers shifted and Syrian influence (by way of then-President Emile Lahoud) was increasing, to the detriment of Rafic Hariri and Western allies, many of the projects in Hariri's Horizon 2000 plan were put on hold or canceled. Adding in the economic difficulties of ...
L. Anthony LaCalamita -- luh-kal-uh-MEE'-tuh. Debra Lafave -- luh-FAYV'. Emeril Lagasse -- EM'-ur-ul leh-GAH'-see. Laglio -- LAHL'-yoh. Abdullah Lagmani -- ab-DOOL'-uh lahg-MAHN'-ee. Lagos -- LAY'-gohs or LAH'-gohs. Maurice Lagrone -- lah-GROHN'. Emile Lahoud -- ee-MEEL' lah-HOOD'.
And during the term of [former president] Emile Lahoud, the Americans were appalled when he hung up the phone on [then U.S.] secretary of state Madeleine Albright. In his [biography], Lahoud wrote that, in May 2000, on the eve of the liberation [i.e., Israel's withdrawal from South Lebanon], his daily phone ...
Demonstrators called for the resignation of then President Emile Lahoud and the government of late PM Omar Karami. They also called on Syria to withdraw its troops from Lebanon. On the 13th anniversary of the assassination, Asharq Al-Awsat spoke to Lebanese officials who were close to the late Hariri ...
The Lebanese official said her body was found "on the side of the Emile Lahoud road" just north of Beirut on Saturday evening. A security source said that the British woman's body had been dumped on the roadside and that strangulation was suspected as a possible cause of death because "she was ...
One, keeping Assad as Syria's president does not mean that other actors (such as Iran) will be contained. On the contrary, Assad will be like former Lebanese President Emile Lahoud, who was the Syrian regime's instrument during the Syrian hegemony over Lebanon. Like Lahoud, Assad has long ago lost ...
(CNN) -- President Emile Lahoud has urged the Lebanese to remain united in the face of an Israeli offensive against Hezbollah and logistical targets in Lebanon that was in its tenth day Saturday. In an interview with CNN's Nic Robertson, Lahoud again called for a cessation of the violence and said that if a ...


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