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 Abu Ghraib prison, Iraq

Abu Ghraib

is a prison located in the city of Abu Ghraib, Iraq on the outskirts of Baghdad. It was known as Abu Ghraib Prison under the Ba'athist regime in Iraq. Currently the U.S.-led coalition occupying Iraq utilizes the site as the Baghdad Correctional Facility, though it remains better known under its old name. In late April 2004, 60 Minutes II broke a story involving abuse and humiliation of Iraqi inmates by a small group of U.S. soldiers. The story included graphic photographs.

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    "The spectacle of these people doing those antics night after night, for three and a half months only stopped when one of their own soldiers turned them in tells you all you need to know, how many officers knew. I can just give you a timeline that will tell you all you need to know. Abu Ghraib was reported in January of 2004 this year. In May, I and CBS earlier also wrote an awful lot about what was going on there. At that point, between January and May, our government did nothing. Although Rumsfeld later acknowledged that he was briefed by the middle of January on it and told the President. In those three-and-a-half months before it became public, was there any systematic effort to do anything other than to prosecute seven “bad seeds”, enlisted kids, reservists from West Virginia and the unit they were in, by the way, Military Police. The answer is, Ha! They were basically a bunch of kids who were taught on traffic control, sent to Iraq, put in charge of a prison. They knew nothing. It doesn't excuse them from doing dumb things. But there is another framework. We're not seeing it. They’ve gotten away with it."
Abu Ghraib
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