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MS 2813 The Hammurabi Law Code. Babylonia, 1750-1700 BC
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updated Thu. June 6, 2024

Iraqi assistant Imam Sheikh Mahmood Hachim sifts through thousands of books from the Iraq National Library, stored in Baghdad's Imam Alhaq Ali mosque in 2003. The books were looted after the fall of the capital, with some returned when clerics spoke out. Photograph: Saurabh Das/AP ...

In 2009, David Wilson, artist, designer and filmmaker, held the enviable position of artist-in-residence at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. During that time and for years afterward he delved into archival materials and took 3-D photographs and video of the galleries, collections, and exhibits. He returns ...
Dr Saad Eskander, the Director of the Iraq National Library and Archive, reported the devastation of the library in a diary posted on the British Library website: archival materials 60% lost, rare books 95% lost, ... An Iraqi man collects books from the destroyed Iraqi national library in Baghdad in April 2003.
Iraq national library This Tuesday, July 28, 2015 photo shows restored books and documents at the Baghdad National Library in Iraq. AP BAGHDAD (AP) — The dimly-lit, dust-caked stacks of the Baghdad National Library hide a treasure of the ages: crinkled, yellowing papers holding the true stories of ...
The Iraq National Library was devastated by fire and looting when allied troops entered the city in 2003. An estimated 60% of archival materials – including records of the Ba'athist regime – and 25% of books, newspapers, rare books, historical photographs and maps were destroyed. Construction of the ...
The 2003 invasion of Iraq had many casualties, not the least of which was the collective memory of a nearly 5,000-year-old civilization, stretching from ancient cuneiform on clay tablets to the voluminous personal records of Saddam Hussein's secret police. In the second issue of the magazine Document ...
He said it is too early to determine whether the documents will end up in the Iraq National Library and Archives or another branch of the government. He said he does not know who technically owns the documents. "This is a deposit agreement that the highest levels of Iraqi government are aware of," Sousa ...
The directors were granted unique access to 1,600 letters written by Bell from the Iraq national Library and Archive, and they took verbatim portions to make the documentary. “The letters and archived footage used in the film are housed at New Castle University in England,” Zeva said. The film took about ...



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