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updated Sun. March 3, 2024

The Ruritan Club provides money to fund the group's operation, Shank said. Businesses such as Twin Rivers Reality and RedNex sporting goods also turned out. While the Ruritan Club is still tallying the money made on the event, some of the money will go toward the two $2,500 scholarships given to King ...

Cleaver & Co. alum Kristopher Doll left the shop to open his own meat operation, Shank Charcuterie. Over the years, the little butcher shop had added classes (How to Butcher a Whole Hog!) and a menu. Notably, Cleaver & Co. ushered in a trend toward the smaller, neighborhood, specialty grocers that ...
The Pennsylvania National Guard at Fort Indiantown Gap has for months been in receiving mode - that is welcoming back personnel returning from Afghanistan and Kuwait. Now with the world's eyes on the disintegrating situation in Syria, Major Ed Shank, a spokesman for the Pennsylvania National Guard, ...
Operation Shank Frank is on! Wil talks to Shane, Britney, and Danielle, trying to figure out how they're voting. Not getting anywhere, he says, “For all I know, there could be one big group that's just picking off Joe, Ashley, and me.” Cut to – Ian's nervous-energy hammock swinging. His constant swaying is ...


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