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updated Tue. August 9, 2022

Iraqi Kurds in Erbil, Iraq, celebrate the arrival of U.S.-led coalition forces in Baghdad in 2003. REUTERS. Oil data in Iraq is difficult to decipher. Many of the reports on oil exports and revenues do not separate Baghdad's revenue from Iraqi Kurdistan's. Other oil data is held only by industry analysts and is not ...

Idan already lives in the US, having moved there after serving as a linguist with the American-led coalition forces in Baghdad in 2009. She graduated from Los Angeles' Musician Institute with a degree in performance arts. Her dream, she said in her introductory video for the beauty competition, was to be a ...
The RNLAF has been directly supporting coalition forces in Baghdad with supply missions originating from their home station for more than a year. Gert-Jan said these missions used to entail time-consuming flights to and from the Netherlands and required crews to arrive in the AOR the night prior to the ...
HAWIJA, Iraq — The jubilant outpouring that erupted in the heart of Hawija on Friday, the day after Iraqi forces claimed victory there, celebrated more than the fact that the Islamic State militants had finally been routed from the city, their last major urban stronghold in Iraq. For many of the Shiite Muslim ...
U.S. troops were caught in the crossfire of sectarian violence in 2006 , with the commander of the Multinational Division Baghdad saying attacks on U.S.-led coalition forces in Baghdad had reached an average of 42 a day, according to The Washington Post. In 2008, roadside bombs and suicide bombs ...
But it is possible that some men in the group were carrying weapons as well, says WikiLeaks. The Central Command investigation was carried out by Army Maj. Gen. Vincent Brooks, who was then deputy commander of coalition forces in Baghdad. Personnel from both the 1st Air Cavalry Brigade and 2nd ...
The military has not confirmed the names of the soldiers involved or commented on their status. The U.S. military statement on the results of the investigation quote Colonel Allen Batschelet, chief of staff of the coalition forces in Baghdad, as saying, "This was an extremely unfortunate and tragic incident .
Peter W. Chiarelli, Mr. Gates's senior military assistant, would be nominated for Army vice chief of staff, a post that General Odierno had been expected to take. General Chiarelli has had two tours in Iraq — first as commander of the First Cavalry Division and coalition forces in Baghdad, and then as the No.


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