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updated Mon. January 22, 2024

In response to the draft resolution, “the Moroccan ambassador in Austria, Lotfi Bouchaara, met with several members of parliament from different political parties to alert them to the biased and subjective content of this draft resolution,” added the source. According to the same source, “No resolution of the ...

We are witnessing the gradual spread (in geographical and numerical terms) of nationalist, xenophobic political parties. In the ... Last October, Germany's AfD won more than 12 percent of the votes, and in Austria, the leader of the conservative-populist party OVP formed an alliance with the far-right FPO.
The former chancellor isn't named in the court filings, but appears to be Alfred Gusenbauer, who served as chancellor of Austria between 2007 and 2008. ... or the Party of Regions," Gusenbauer said in a statement to Austrian media on Saturday, referring to the former Ukrainian president's political party.
It's also why 31-year-old Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz found it so easy to take over an established center-right party and win an election with it last year. Canada's Justin Trudeau and New Zealand's Jacinda Andern are part of the same trend. It's not happening in many other countries yet (Britain's ...
Marine Le Pen failed in her presidential bid there, as did the Freedom Party in Austria; Geert Wilders flopped in the Netherlands - so the stubborn ... turned Italian politics upside down, eurocrats sighed with relief that Angela Merkel's coalition of EU-friendly, traditional political parties was finally re-launched.


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