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updated Thu. June 27, 2024

Kamil Ekim Alptekin (center) stands with Namik Tan, former Turkish ambassador to Israel and the US, at an energy conference they attended last year as guests of Ratio Oil Exploration. Standing to their right is Aron Liel, a former Israeli envoy to Turkey who is unconnected to Ratio or Alptekin's business ...

... with the third scenario. The Turkish Coalition of America says "The Turkish Caucus is a bipartisan platform for members of Congress to focus on U.S.-Turkey relations and issues that concern Turkish Americans." But Turkey's former ambassador Namik Tan and the government he once represented look at ...
But Turkey's former ambassador Namik Tan and the government he once represented look at the numbers of congressmen signing on to be an endorsement of Turkish state and society. What is that state and society today? Turkey may once have been an ally and a partner, but today it has become ...
The free, public events include soccer games at Thomas Cloud Park in Huber Heights today, June 19, and a visit at 1 p.m. Sunday at the Engineers Club of Dayton by Turkey's ambassador to the U. S., Namik Tan. That's followed by a picnic at 4:30 p.m. in Triangle Park in Dayton. The goal, Shakhbandarov ...
Yafet then mailed a copy of that letter to the Turkish Embassy in Washington, proudly notifying them of his “good work” on behalf of his native land. Within days, he received a letter of appreciation from Namik Tan, then “Counselor and Embassy Spokesperson,” and now Ambassador of Turkey to the United ...
Born in 1956 in Mardin, Tan graduated from the University of Ankara with a law degree. He joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1982 and worked in the Department of Maritime Affairs. His first overseas posting took him to Moscow, Russia, where he was stationed from 1984-1987. Tan was then sent to ...


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