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updated Sun. May 22, 2022

The visitors were taken to Hazrat Daniyal's tomb, Bibi Khanum's grave, Raigistan (desert) Square, Alagh Beg Madrissa, Sher Dar Madrissa, Talakari School and finally Imam Bukhari's tomb. We shall dwell upon some background of Imaam Bukhari. Bukhari (19th July 810 to 1st September 870), commonly ...

... in Rakh Bangla, 32 acres in Naseer, 27 acres in Rakh Toong, 23 acres in Midh Moulvi, 91 acres in Naushera, 45 acres in Kotla Eisan, 945 acres in Rakh Khanwah, 40 acres in Raigistan Shumali and 2,034 acres of land in Rakh Azmatwala have been brought under the control of the Forests Department.


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