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updated Mon. July 11, 2022

Fast forward to 2017, and there were only 22 reported cases of polio worldwide, all of which were in Pakistan and Afghanistan. We are close to achieving the global eradication of this devastating disease. But, as the saying goes, “it ain't over till it's over.” According to the World Health Organization, “every ...

A Calgary rock group is putting their songwriting skills to the test as they write and record 50 songs in 24 hours as part of an ambitious venture to support the Tom Baker Cancer Centre. Chris Naish's mom left a last impression on him, always being supportive of everything he did. “When she came to my ...
You approach the building through a charming courtyard and then pass through huge, carved wooden doors from Afghanistan into the lobby. Directly across the street is the Mediterranean Villa which has 16 rooms, including the Naish House, a 1930s home built by the silent-screen star J. Carol Naish. Quaint pathways and ...
Is the next Banksy an ISAF vet? This article from a while back just caught my attention (H/T to Doctrine Man for pointing it out). The piece explores graffiti art on the security barriers at Kandahar Airfield. Great write-up, fantastic photos. If you're in the 'Stan and happen to pass by any graffiti art on your FOB, ...
Photos (top to bottom) by Mo Hassan, Davric, Naish, Thesupermat (see below for licensing on last image). .... I've been unable to learn anything about the alleged presence of the species in Afghanistan and am keen to know more - my only source for the presence of crocodiles in that country comes from ...


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