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updated Mon. May 20, 2024

The jungle, now considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, used to be a hunting ground for Nepalese royalty for more than a century. Legend has it that the maharajah Jung Bahadur Rana shot 31 tigers all by himself in the winter of 1861 on the back of his elephant. And the killing continued in the 20th ...

Subsequently, Nepalese royalty and visiting European dignitaries slaughtered shocking numbers of animals. According to Mishra, an eleven-day hunt led by King George V killed 39 tigers (Panthera tigris) and 18 rhinos in 1911. The last extravagant hunt, in 1938, saw 120 tigers and 38 rhinos slain by Lord ...
The toppled Dharahara Tower is a national monument built in the 1800's by Nepalese royalty. At least 50 people are feared trapped inside the collapsed structure, according to officials. The quake is also reported to have caused avalanches in the Mount Everest region of the Himalayas at the peak of ...
Many of these widows live in the old age home in the premises of Pashupatinath Temple (popularly known as Nepali temple) constructed by the royalty of Nepal around 170 years ago on the bank of Ganga at Lalita Ghat. Presently, 16 widows from Nepal and Assam, mostly in their 80s, have been living in ...
He is credited with persuading the president of the New College of California that he was Nepalese royalty, poised to donate $1 million to the college. In exchange, he purportedly received scholarships and unearned class credit that allowed him to fraudulently extend his student visa. The resulting scandal ...
Former Tennessee debutante Kimball bought the property and adjoining land in 1954. She used it to raise her sons and entertain high society friends including British, Dutch and Nepalese royalty. The castle serves as a site for weddings and special events, including holiday high-tea ceremonies that sell ...
While the Nepalese royalty doesn't own any property in this city of roughly 200,000 people, Himani's father, Rao Raja Vikram Singh a scion of the Sikar royals ... The Nepalese royalty have properties in Gurgaon, Delhi, Dehradun, Bangalore, Kolkata, Darjeeling, Varanasi, Patna, Guwahati and Ranchi.
KATHMANDU: The Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL), owner of the Taj chain of hotels, has dissociated itself from 'Annapurna', a reputed five-star property here, unilaterally breaking a 25-year contract on security grounds. Five senior IHCL staff, including the hotel's General Manager Ravi Pillai, have ...


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