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updated Sun. March 17, 2024

The sudden death of the prominent Chinese lawyer, Li Baiguang, as reported by China Aid, raises serious concerns about China's treatment of political prisoners (“Lawyer's death at army hospital raises questions”, February 28). Mr Li, who died in a military hospital in Jiangsu province last week, was known ...

The way Iranians staged their protests and the way their protests were quelled by police, following instructions from the authorities, will have an impact on both the Chinese people and local police,” said Hu Jia, a Chinese civil rights activist and noted Communist Party critic. The Communist Party is widely ...
South Korean President Moon Jae-in met his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping at 4:45 p.m. on Thursday (local time) during his state visit to China. The summit was held in 29 hours and 55 minutes after President Moon arrived in Beijing. On his first day in the Chinese capital, Moon did not meet with any of the seven members ...
Born in Shandong, China, Chen lost his eyesight when he was around 6 months old due to a fever. He engaged in legal activities against the local bureau on behalf of local villagers, and became more and more involved in civil rights activism. He was arrested in 2005, and later placed under house arrest in ...
The blind Chinese civil rights activist, Chen Guangcheng, arrived at the embassy after escaping house arrest in April 2012, causing a brief diplomatic crisis. US authorities said the Chinese spies, whose names were redacted by prosecutors, were agents of the Shanghai state security bureau, a branch of ...
There will also be a poetry reading and calligraphy demonstration by Chinese civil rights activist and Nobel Prize in Literature nominee Huang Xiang. Several art installation projects will round out the cultural offerings of the festival. One will be a series of murals that honors Hispanic Heritage Month, led by Sunnyside-based ...
As Chen Guangcheng, a Chinese civil rights activist and self-taught lawyer, blind from an early age, and now residing in the U.S., so wisely espouses, “How a Society Treats Its Disabled is the True Measure of a Civilization.” Disabled people are the champions in this chaotic world, who can show us the true ...
Sitting in the packed concert hall on the evening of Oct. 11, was Chen Guangcheng, the blind Chinese civil rights activist who is known for organizing a class-action lawsuit against China's one-child policy. He said he was gravely concerned by how traditional Chinese culture has disappeared in modern ...
The Rebalance authors Mercy Kuo and Angie Tang regularly engage subject-matter experts, policy practitioners, and strategic thinkers across the globe for their diverse insights into the U.S. rebalance to Asia. This conversation with Chen Guangcheng – author of The Barefoot Lawyer, Visiting Fellow at the ...


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