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updated Sat. January 20, 2024

The nominated leader and top deputy of the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division come from Jones Day, as do Solicitor General Noel Francisco and White House Counsel Don McGahn. Kirkland & Ellis alums include Justice Department criminal-division nominee Brian Benczkowski, DOJ environment ...

This is a question at the core of an emerging controversy over a seemingly trivial question the Department of Justice has urged the Census Bureau to .... that the DOJ sent its citizenship reinstatement request via the Justice Management Division, rather than the Civil Rights Division, which typically deals with ...
"Far too often, women are targeted and harassed in the workplace because of their sex," said Acting Assistant Attorney General John Gore of the Civil Rights Division. "Employees have the right to work in an environment that is free from sex discrimination and retaliation." The conduct continued over time ...
The Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice informed the Jefferson County Attorney's office last week that it had initiated an investigation into potential race-based discrimination by Louisville Metro Council. The investigation will determine if the council's vote last year to block an affordable ...
The Justice Department is requesting increased spending to fight violent crime and address illegal immigration while squeezing the resources of its Civil Rights Division, which works to protect Americans from discrimination. “The Department of Justice has the noble task of keeping the American people ...
“This budget would basically take [the Community Relations Service] and transfer it to the Civil Rights Division, and we would have a separate entity within the Civil Rights Division handle the work of [the Community Relations Service] today,” Justice Department official Lee Loftus told reporters on Monday.
An acting assistant attorney general oversees the Civil Division, Civil Rights Division, and Environment and Natural Resources Division (ENRD) currently. The Tax Division is being helmed by the principal deputy assistant attorney general — a consequence of there not yet even being a nominee for the ...
The Trump administration is pursuing far fewer civil rights cases than its predecessors, a VICE News review of Justice Department records shows. Total activity in the agency's civil rights division is at a 17-year low, falling well below levels seen in the last two administrations. One DOJ section charged with ...
According to Vice News, DOJ not only has the civil rights division hit a 17-year low in activity, but one department tasked with handling police ... Good money bets are on the Department of Justice finding that there are good people on both sides and that the tiki torch wielding white supremacists are really ...



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