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updated Fri. May 10, 2024

Animals in a Venezuelan zoo are feeling the effects of the country's deepening food crisis. At the Zulia animal park in the city of San Francisco, a number of animals are suffering from severe malnutrition, including two pumas who have lost so much weight their bones are clearly visible sticking through their ...

As hyper-inflation and a downward spiraling economy continue to wreak havoc on the country, photos emerged this week showing a wide range of rare beasts at the Zulia animal park visibly suffering from malnutrition. Bengal tigers, jaguars and several South American birds are among the animals shown ...
Special forces tracked her down to the home of a police officer, where she was being held, not far from the city. Sports stars are popular targets for kidnappers due to their large salaries. Six people, five of them officers in the Zulia state police force, have been arrested in connection with Ms Soto's abduction.


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