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updated Tue. September 20, 2022

Merseyside, United Kingdom, February 15 2018 ( - The Venezuelan government has accused foreign agencies of foul play in promoting a power outage that affected much of Caracas and part of neighbouring Miranda state. In the early hours of Wednesday morning, residents in both ...

CARACAS – Venezuela's minister of electric energy said that the blackout affecting this capital and other areas early Wednesday was due to sabotage at a substation in the central state of Miranda. “Santa Teresa substation, which today suffered an act of sabotage and vandalism that caused a large explosion and a fire,” ...
Caracas, 9 February (Argus) — An exodus of skilled labor from Venezuela's state-run electricity sector is accelerating a collapse of the national power grid ... who cut a transformer ground cable at the Santa Teresa sub-station in Miranda state, causing an explosion that destroyed the transformer and nearby ...
A power cut during the evening rush hour in Venezuela's capital, Caracas, caused major disruption to parts of the city on Tuesday. Hundreds of commuters could be seen walking along the city's central avenues as the metro was affected. Other caught lifts on lorries or hung on to the doors of overcrowded ...
According to official information, on 15 January 2018, in the community of El Junquito in Miranda state, Venezuela, a security operation resulted in at least nine people killed and another five injured. This is just the latest example of the lethal use of force being used in policing operations, resulting already in ...


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