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updated Mon. January 9, 2023

Prosecutor Dan Johnson used his office accounts like an ATM machine, dipping into public dollars to buy everything from gym memberships to plane tickets to the Las Vegas strip. What public purpose these expenses served is anyone's guess. Johnson's spending habits, uncovered in a Post and Courier ...

Despite the extensive pursuit of domestic judicial remedies, human rights and environmental defenders in Ecuador have consistently found these avenues to be a dead end. As a result, we have turned to uncharted waters: the United Nations. Ecuadorian civil society is only just beginning to familiarize itself ...
Social structure, certain religious beliefs, and a lack of judicial response from the state are a dangerous combination that result in the existence and continued ... In February 2017, the city of Cuenca, in the south of Ecuador, approved a Municipal Ordinance for the Inclusion and Respect of Sexual Diversity.
He said transcripts of the experts' testimony would be provided to the U.S. House Armed Services and Judiciary committees. ... said the legacy of former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was to diminish U.S. influence in a block of countries including Bolivia, Nicaragua, Ecuador, El Salvador and Cuba.
With more than 2,000 verbal, judicial and physical assaults against the press recorded in the last ten years, according to the document, the creation and application of the LOC "was the turning point for Ecuador to be considered one of the countries with the worst situations of fundamental freedoms in the ...
The complete report contains other detailed testimonies and analysis of the legal inconsistencies which facilitate the violence and discrimination perpetrated against gay and transgender/transsexual people in Ecuador. The first part below features the testimonies of victims of institutions that claim to be able ...
14, 2018 – Gay people in Ecuador are forced to undergo “conversion therapy” in secret clinics where they are raped and beaten, even though homosexuality is legal, said campaigners calling for courts to ... “We call on the judiciary to move these cases forward and hold those people responsible to account.
LGBTQ+ people are being forced into “gay cure” rehab clinics and subjected to rape and beatings in Ecuador. Campaigners in the country have called on the government to investigate into over 100 clinics in which they believe human rights violations are being carried out against LGBTQ people. .
Gualinga was cornered and threatened by an intruder at her home in Puyo, in the Ecuadorean Amazon, after the man broke one of her windows with a ... The judicial office told Mongabay in a written response that it had proceeded “To take witness testimonies, a recognition of the place of events, and a ...
However, the Ecuadorian State did provide information before the Human Rights Committee in August 2016. It was noted that Ecuador judicialized four cases, although it “[regretted] not having received detailed information about the penal actions taken against those responsible for these 'treatments' and ...


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