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updated Mon. September 19, 2022

The two judges, each brilliant in his own way and each at the extreme end of the ideological spectrum, fought with all the judicial tools available — and even invented some new ones along the way. Their rivalry defined the 9th Circuit, at least from the perspective of the appellate lawyers who actually care ...

TOPEKA, Kan. — Two top Republicans issued an ultimatum Tuesday that Kansas legislators act to curb the power of judges before they will allow them to vote on increasing public school funding to satisfy a demand from the state Supreme Court. The declaration brought action on education funding to a ...
Ron Latz, DFL-St. Louis Park, never had hearings in the Senate Judiciary committee. They all appear dead this session. Sex crime mini-omnibus: Senate File 2699 (Sen. Warren Limmer, R-Maple Grove) increases child pornography offense penalties, among numerous other provisions. It was approved by ...
That's a pretty high bar to clear. There is also the question of whether the Legislature should even be intruding into the operations of the state's courts. The Minnesota Supreme Court sets the rules for the judiciary, not the Legislature or the governor. Minnesota's courts have barely cracked open the window ...
Speaking by phone to Minnesota Lawyer on Monday, he said four times in a four-minute conversation that he does not intend to return. Cornish said ... The Judiciary chair said he thought Cornish might be hoping to trade on his expertise as a legislator to drum up business as a lobbyist, but he was not sure.
Here's why Limmer matters to a group of students who would probably rather not have spent the day with him. Limmer is the chair of the Senate Judiciary's public safety committee. When it comes to public safety -- and in this case, gun control -- what goes before the Senate and when and how is his call.
The Minnesota State Bar Association also has raised the separation of powers question. Its president, Sonia Miller-Van Oort, said in an e-mail that Knoblach's bill attempts “to usurp the role of the judicial branch and legislate how the judicial branch should carry out its functions.” The association filed public ...
The Minority Judges Reception on March 8 honored state and federal judges, advocated for diversity on the bench and celebrated the addition of new ... Court of Appeals Judge Peter Reyes, left, and Minnesota Association of Black Lawyers President Michael Essein celebrating the minority judges who ...
But as Minnesota State Bar Association president Sonia Miller-Van Oort points out, significant gains in gender representation in the judiciary, law schools and early private practice levels have been offset by very few gains in the number women reaching partner level at private firms, or ascending as high as ...
The Senate Judiciary Committee, on which she serves, has asked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and top Google and Twitter executives to testify at an April 10 hearing on data privacy. Research firm Cambridge Analytica improperly gained access to the personal data of more than 50 million Facebook ...


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