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updated Mon. May 13, 2024

In the Texas political system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups — the public boards that provide accountability and, when that fails, the people themselves, in particular, the journalists and activists among them. We tend to think of government along the three branches ...

Representative Blanco said that projections suggest Texas could get two more members of Congress after the next census. Any undercount might affect that number, so an accurate count of Texas not only assures the proper amount of federal aid, but, perhaps more importantly, it gives Texas political power ...
NEW DELHI, India — Gov. Greg Abbott met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for an hour and five minutes on Wednesday at Modi's official residence. Abbott later said the two leaders discussed numerous subjects, including defense, terrorism, energy, technology, trade and health care.
WASHINGTON — Several Texas Democratic congressmen are calling on state Attorney General Ken Paxton to investigate a voter targeting firm said to have misused data from 50 million Facebook users, a request a Paxton aide is calling a “political stunt.” The firm, Cambridge Analytica, provided voter ...
In Texas, census citizenship question becomes a political fault line of its own ... Without a doubt, a census undercount in Texas has the potential to negatively affect the entire state in many ways, regardless of the state's political ... Opponents of asking about citizenship say this issue goes beyond politics.
President Donald Trump's top appellate lawyer has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to allow him to argue in defense of Texas political maps that were found to be discriminatory by a lower court. Solicitor General Noel Francisco asked to split time with Texas lawyers when the court hears oral argument in the ...
Inside Texas Politics began with a political response to the on-going emergency fix to that widespread natural gas leak just north of Dallas Love Field. State Representative Rafael ... Two of his Tweets last week offered support to some Texas Republicans running for re-election. Eight incumbents in all.
On the line Tuesday is not only the political career of an all-but-extinct breed in Texas — a moderate, pro-abortion rights Republican — but also Abbott's ability to influence a down-ballot election as the most popular GOP statewide official. It's being tested in two other House primaries where Abbott has ...
Greg Abbott was the first Texas governor to celebrate Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, in the Governor's Mansion. ... friends, some of whom will join his entourage in India next week, are social and economic conservatives who want to fully participate in their adopted homeland's civic life and politics.
Bud and Ross returned along with Berna Dean Steptoe, WFAA's political producer. They discussed Texas comptroller Glenn Hegar's warning to legislators that the state's credit rating could be in jeopardy, candidate for HD6 Lillian Salerno lashing out at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee ...


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