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updated Fri. June 3, 2022

... citizens remain at low levels. This Libertarian vision has already been sold to Trump's followers, and many elected officials in the Republican Party. One only has to note that in recent years, President George W Bush and now Paul Ryan have tried to dismantle our Medicare and Social Security programs.

On the other hand, I recall that telling–and chilling– moment in a GOP debate when Ron Paul was asked what should be done with people who don't have ... health coverage in the U.S. The only alternative, it becomes clearer with every day, is some form of single-payer, Medicare-for-all coverage.
The folks who showed up to Tea Party meetings were not acolytes of Ayn Rand or Ron Paul. They were in fact very keen ... Fast forward five years and along came a Republican candidate promising to preserve Medicare and Social Security, cut taxes and build a wall to keep out Hispanics. A movement had ...
... restoring Medicare cuts, and shoring up Social Security." Sound familiar? The Tea Party was then too embryonic to mount candidates, though Ron Paul was busy doubling up on his 2008 run. The selection of Paul Ryan has V.P. nominee was seen as a sop to emerging fiscal hawks, even though Romney ...
Paul, who campaigned for the GOP presidential nomination in 2016, is the son of former Texas GOP congressman Ron Paul and, like his father, is known ... The bill takes further aim at the Affordable Care Act by repealing the Independent Payment Advisory Board for Medicare - never impaneled under the ...


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