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updated Sun. April 21, 2024

According to Ron Paul, the US military "is in 130 countries. We have 900 bases around the .... Cancel or drastically revise badly made past agreements such as NAFTA, the Iran Nuclear Agreement, the Paris Climate Agreement, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. Welcome mostly wealthy or ...

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al Jubeir, addressing the event later Sunday, said Iran needs to pay a price for its "aggressive behavior". Former Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) drove home that point in an article ("President Trump Beats War Drums for Iran") published by the Ron Paul Institute and posted ...
Every living sentient adult not named Ron Paul knows this. Moscow pushes the Green Party and fringy Russian Orthodox theology; we boost ... Russia, like Iran, was supposed to be a problem but a manageable one. Pretending that they posed a greater threat to American security than, say, ISIS, was just ...
Liberty Nation spoke with Tinus about Ron Paul, foreign policy, President Donald Trump, and his party's chances of making history in November's midterm elections. Liberty Nation: You have been a ... That is why we fight OPEC's wars and overthrew Libya and saber rattle with Iran. Trump has indicated and ...
The fig leaf that the US is fighting ISIS in Syria dropped after the coalition airstrikes. The US is there because the neocons want to attack Iran, Daniel McAdams, executive director of the Ron Paul Institute, told RT. TrendsSyria. In Syria, the US-led coalition conducted airstrikes against pro-government forces ...
Wilkerson, who is a Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity Academic Board member, has frequently disparaged that effort to build up support for the Iraq War. Indeed, in the editorial he laments that “[t]hat effort led to a war of choice with Iraq – one that resulted in catastrophic losses for the region and ...
This week's expected House vote to add more sanctions on Russia, Iran, and North Korea is a prime example of how little thought goes into U.S. foreign policy. Sanctions have become kind of an automatic action the U.S. government takes when it simply doesn't know what else to do. No matter what the ...
This is a favorite theme of the neocons, who have also been undaunting in their efforts to foment a conflict with Iran, after we were taken into a war against Iraq in 2003 based upon bogus claims of “weapons ... Ron Paul has said, sanctions such as those the USA has levied against Russia are an act of war.


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