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updated Sun. May 5, 2024

The Salt Lake City suburbs are home to several huge single-tenant data centers, including a cutting-edge eBay facility in West Jordan powered by Bloom Energy fuel cells, and the massive NSA server farm in Bluffdale. The multi-tenant data center market in Utah has consisted primarily of smaller colocation ...
If either of [the John Podesta and Democratic National Committee] email troves were “hacked” by remote Russian agents, the digital footprint of that action is stored at one of the massive NSA server farms. Accordingly, it would have been unmasked at the get-go by [CIA Director John] Brennan's hand-picked ...

WannaCry targeted mainly computer systems belonging to businesses or governmental organizations, taking advantage of a security hole that allowed it to infect all the computers in a network without the user's knowledge or interaction. The attack came months after an NSA server was raided by hackers, ...
Shadow Brokers, the group behind WannaCry, stole them from a secret NSA server. The ransomware targets the MS17-10 vulnerability in the Windows SMB. WannaCry uses NSA's EternalBlue exploit to leverage the MS17-10 vulnerability. Security experts have discovered that the ransomware also uses ...
Underground hackers are now sharing, promoting and working to adopt executable computer code evident in NSA documents that were published last week by the Shadow Brokers, private sector intelligence analysts tell CyberScoop. Tutorials on how to utilize some of the tools began appearing the same ...

The theory, he added, is that a government hacker left his tools in a place where others could find them -- for example, on a non-NSA server. The current and former officials say the leaks in question include a suite of NSA hacking tools put up for sale in August by a group identifying itself as the Shadow ...
We know that because of data stolen from an NSA server was dumped on the internet. The agency is hoarding information about security vulnerabilities in the products you use, because it wants to use it to hack others' computers. Those vulnerabilities aren't being reported, and aren't getting fixed, making ...

Claudio Guarnieri, an independent security researcher who's investigated other hacking operations by the Western intelligence agencies, told me that the files might be from a hacked NSA server used in an operation. He also cautioned that this is a preliminary analysis and that more analysis is needed.
Google Inc Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said widespread U.S. government spying on its data centers would be outrageous and potentially illegal if true, the Wall Street Journal reported. “It's really outrageous that the NSA was looking between the Google data centers, if that's true,” Schmidt said in an ...
All he needed, said multiple intelligence community sources, was a few thumb drives and the willingness to exploit a gaping hole in an antiquated security system to rummage at will through the NSA's servers and take 20,000 documents without leaving a trace. “It's 2013 and the NSA is stuck in 2003 ...
The information shared was then channeled through NSA servers where it was analyzed and processed. At first, the program only monitored the information on Bitcoin's blockchain but it later begun collecting intimate details about the users. The details obtained were retained in a file called Provider user ...


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