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updated Mon. April 22, 2024

The extension attaches a mash of words plucked from a Department of Homeland Security keyword list to each email you send, in an attempt to disrupt NSA programs like PRISM. 2011's Personal Depersonalization System searches Google for random words from the dictionary, immersing the search ...

As if torn from the subplot of a Hollywood spy thriller, Edward Snowden papers prove that the NSA has been monitoring Bitcoin users around the world for years. What is more, they may have used information in illegal prosecutions.
Since the 3GPP released the 5G New Radio (NR) specification for non-standalone (NSA) operation in late December 2017, the mobile industry experienced a flood of 5G announcements by vendors and operators. Of course, the swell only accelerated at the recent Mobile World Congress (MWC). Ooredoo ...
... is based on classified legal opinions that assert that the president has broad powers to order such searches, derived in part from the September 2001 congressional resolution authorizing him to wage war on Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups, according to the officials familiar with the [NSA's] operation.”.
Efforts to counter the insider threat include two closely related internal NSA programs initiated in the wake of the Snowden scandal: Secure the Enterprise and Secure the Net. The latter effort was criticized in a 2016 Defense Department inspector general's report. The report essentially found that the NSA ...
Two-year Nansemond-Suffolk Academy head football coach Mike Biehl has taken the same position at First Colonial High School. Biehl will be leaving the NSA program after two years of coaching, in which he went 10-10. Biehl took over the program in 2016 and went 4-6 in his first year, but he turned it ...
The U.S. Senate last week approved a six-year extension to Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Amendments Act (FISA), in a move that could put journalists at risk. Because people targeted by Section 702 are often of interest to the press as well as the NSA, journalists are more likely than ...
The White House wants Congress to reauthorize two of the NSA's largest surveillance programs before they expire at the end of the year. One of them scans the traffic that passes through the massive internet cables going in and out of the U.S. and ends up catching a vast number of American ...
Financial Health: Is NSA's operations financially sustainable? Balance sheets can be hard to analyze, which is why we've done it for you. Check out our financial health checks here. Past Track Record: Has NSA been consistently performing well irrespective of the ups and downs in the market? Go into ...
Mr. Pompeo has defended the NSA's program of warrantless surveillance on American citizens, describing it as “important work.” In a 2016 op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, he called for the unobstructed, warrantless surveillance of Americans. “Congress should pass a law re-establishing collection of all ...


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