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The Osage are a Midwestern Native American Siouan-speaking tribe of the Great Plains who originated in the Ohio River valley in the area of present-day Arkansas and Missouri . The term "Osage" is considered an ancient name which roughly translates into "mid-waters".

After years of war with the invading Iroquois, by the mid-17th century, the Osage migrated from the Ohio valley with other Siouan tribes, settling west on their historic lands in present-day Missouri, kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas . At the height of their power in the early 18th century, the Osage had become the dominant power in their region, controlling the area between the Missouri and Red River to the South. logo
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updated Fri. April 5, 2024

Henry Rowe Schoolcraft was an early explorer of this region in December 1818, which was two years before the Delaware Indians were moved here from Indiana, and more than a decade before John Polk ... However, there were Osage Indians, and they told him of the big cave near the Finley River.
The Osage Nation won their appeal and is moving forward in placing land in trust despite an objection filed by the Osage County Commissioners. ... The Regional Director for the Bureau of Indian Affairs of Eastern Oklahoma Region Eddie Streater denied the Osage County Commissioners' appeal stating, ...

In the early 20th century, tribal members of the Osage Nation in Oklahoma became extremely wealthy after discovering oil underneath their reservation. Then, dozens of Osage members started turning up murdered in a vast conspiracy meant to redirect their wealth into the hands of white men. In the recent ...
CHRISTIAN COUNTY, Mo. -- A local cave celebrates Native American history and heritage with the planting of a tree. Thursday, the Smallin Civil War Cave welcomed members of the Osage Nation to dedicate a new marker tree. The Osage were once dominant across the Ozarks. There is a 230 year old ...
NEAR OZARK, Mo. -- Dozens gathered in the rain for a special ceremony Thursday morning at the Smallin Civil War Cave near Ozark. It carries forward a tradition of the Osage tribe, who once lived here. Members of the Osage Nation made a special trip to the Ozarks to dedicate a new marker tree.
Smallin Civil War Cave owner Kevin Bright says this marker tree was likely made by Osage Indians more than 200 years ago. ... On Thursday, tribal members of the Osage Nation will travel to Smallin Cave to dedicate a new marker tree, a young bitternut hickory tree bent into horizontal shape by a rock tied ...

I'm an artist and graphic designer working predominantly in mixed media and serigraph printing. I work for the Osage Nation as their in-house Graphic Designer/Photographer. You mention you will be discussing how David Grann's book is related to her personal life. Do you have relatives who appear in ...
Editor's Note: Osage County Sheriff's Office arrests/detentions for the period from Friday, March 14, 2018, through early morning Friday, March 22, 2018. Information is obtained from the Osage County Sheriff's Office and court records. Arrest or detention is .... Hold for Osage Nation PD. Johnathan Edward ...
"Members of the Chouteau family are part of our Osage Nation. They have great pride in their ancestors. We understand there is a name change contemplated for Chouteau Elementary School under your jurisdiction. Although we do not know the reason for the change, we do encourage you to keep the ...
TULSA -- Osage Nation Chief Geoffrey M. Standing Bear has asked that Tulsa Public Schools not change the name of Chouteau Elementary School. A few weeks ago, TPS identified four schools within the district that may be rename - Chouteau, Columbus, Lee and Jackson. The schools, named after ...

The Osage Office of the Chiefs, Osage Nation Museum, Osage Nation Prevention Program, Wahzhazhe Cultural Center and Osage Nation Child Care Department have organized a fieldtrip for youth to attend the “Fluent Generations: The Art of Anita, Tom, and Yatika Fields” exhibition at the Sam Noble ...
The book investigates the series of murders that occurred in the 1920s, when the Osage Indians became the wealthiest people in the world after the ... In 1923, the elders of the Osage Nation hired assistance from the FBI, and the case would be one of the agency's first major homicide investigations.
In the 19th century, the Osage Indians were driven from their lands several times. By the early 20th century, they lived in part of Oklahoma that no one else wanted, but there was oil under the ground there, and the Osage became very ... And it showed members of the Osage Nation with white settlers.
The Rolla golf team made the trip up to Osage for a competitive quad with the Indians, Lebanon and Waynesville on Thursday, April 19. The Bulldogs were without two of their top golfers, but still managed a solid round with a third place finish. Rolla was without both Cameron Copeland and Logan Choi on ...
MARYLAND HEIGHTS • Out of concern about potential casino plans by the Osage Indian nation, the Maryland Heights City Council passed a resolution Thursday ... The campaign relies on legal theories that Indian-run casinos are not subject to the same, or as much, state regulation due to federal law.
Youngsters can compete in a Tiny Tots contest. Timothy said Bacone's powwow brings a variety of things to Muskogee. "It brings a continuing tradition of tribal unity and a chance to educate the general public about one aspect of Native American culture," he said. "The Bacone Powwow is also unique in that ...
The reference map, which dates back to the early 1900s, was used by the Osage Agency to track the name, assigned number, location and size of the pasture leases across what was then the Osage Reservation, in addition to the names of the lessees. It also shows the portions of the leases under ...


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