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updated Mon. October 2, 2023

Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye has approved action taken by the Navajo Nation Council to authorize $764,408 in supplemental funding from the Unreserved Undesignated Fund Balance to replace the structures. The structures were identified by the Assayi Lake Fire Committee under the Naschitti ...

Navajo voters in a special 2009 referendum gave the president the right to line-item veto budgetary items approved by the Navajo Nation Council but does that also allow him to go into that legislation and change the amount the Council approved? That debate started when President Russell Begaye ...
If you want to visit Navajo Land in Arizona, the first thing you'll need is a car. At a sprawling 27,000 square miles stretching across portions of three states, the Navajo Nation is the country's largest Indian reservation. The biggest chunk of Navajo Land is in Arizona. The area is far from major airports and void ...
KIRTLAND, N.M. (KRQE) - A Navajo woman is hoping to bring the world of braille to her culture. Carol Green, from Kirtland, is blind. She is a teacher of the visually impaired in Farmington. Green recently developed a braille code for the Navajo language that she hopes to bring to the entire Navajo Nation.
A total of 11 students spending spring break installing a solar project at the Ojo Encino Chapter house as part of a nationwide program under GRID Alternatives. The group spent last week installing a 32-panel, grid-tied solar unit on the west side of the Ojo Encino Chapter house. Ojo Encino is located along ...
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A Churchrock, New Mexico, man convicted of killing a fellow Navajo during a fight on the reservation has been sentenced to 10 years and seven months in prison for voluntary manslaughter. The FBI says 35-year-old Randy Payton was sentenced Friday in federal court in ...
Why were there power plants and transmission lines criss-crossing the Navajo Nation, but so few Navajo families with electricity? Why did she feel like she had more in common with the children pictured in National Geographic than with her non-Indian classmates in school? Her family's sheep and cattle ...
The Navajo Nation is the largest, acreage-wise, and most numerous, of the 500 or so Indian tribes that once roamed the land now known as the United States. That is not by accident. The Navajo people have their ancestors to thank for having stood up to the federal government 150 years ago to demand ...


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